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@Merrsharr: so sorry! i've been out of town and didn't realize. fixed it now!
@Merrsharr: Buwahahahaha!
@catfire13: Lol, yes I think so to!
@Bianca: ^__^
All excellent suggestions!
@Boobs: Oh, yes, she is, thanks! I somehow missed The Orange Cow's comment when it was posted.
@Ms. Ghostly Supercalafragilistic: I actually intended her to be moving there during winter or spring break, which means that school could start on a Monday. Its probably winter break, since they Sidney was able to adjust his schedule. When I wrote this, I specifically remember not wanting her to move during summer break, though. I kind of wanted to avoid specific time frame references so that I can do whatever stories I want without worrying if they fit into the official time frame of a four year high school, or specific seasons. Plus, they live in Washington, where the weather is often the same year round ^_^ (dull and grey, which I love. No, I tell a lie, our summers are usually very nice and sunny (which I don't love), but not in this comic ^___^). And, school in my neck of the woods starts on Tuesday at the beginning of the year, which is not Monday, but just saying that it often depends on where you live, and the way your school district schedules their year. Its a good reminder for me to make things more clear in the future, though! Thanks!
September 24th, 2014
@Shax: Thanks!
@Merrsharr: Aye! Avast!
@The Orange Cow: LOL. No worries, Nice can always get another one.
@The Orange Cow: Buwahahaha! She needs a Zorak action figure to fight back!
@The Orange Cow: Ha! Yes, Sidney's ninja weapon of choice.
@The Orange Cow: Yes it has. There's no place like home ^_^.
@The Orange Cow: lulz Yes, that does seem plausible.
February 12th, 2014
@The Orange Cow: Yes, she must use the hypnotic power of her hair to bend others to her will.
February 12th, 2014
@The Orange Cow: lulz. Yes, it would indeed be an unlucky day on which she was born.
@The Orange Cow: That would have been incredibly epic!