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I like your mom.
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January 27th, 2012

January 27th, 2012
You can order the set (and get the volume of Two Keys with it) here :D
January 16th, 2012
Aaaaand, that's an anticlimatic end to that battle. I hope the AFIA foots the bill for that poor cafe.
January 16th, 2012
What? Did you really think Luas wasn't going to use his official power at some point? Hitting teenagers with chairs only does so much for an ego.
January 16th, 2012
Lucas and Colin are totally hardcore...except when it comes to fighting. I never realized how lame and awkward they are. I hope you feel good, hitting that kid with a chair, Lucas. I hope that makes you feel hardcore.
January 3rd, 2012
I can't help it. Whenever I see McKenzie's first line, Kiss From a Rose pops into my head. I can't even look at my own comic. T_T
January 3rd, 2012
Nemui: dont' worry, he Gets Better. He's too pretty to be hurt for long.
New vote incentive is a sketch of mini-Colin in a box! Take him home with you!
Thanks, Belbe! Hope you'll continue to enjoy it.
This week's vote incentive is a pic of Colin actually working in the diner. Sort of. :D
Vote here or hit the Top Webcomics button:
Vote incentive!
Hey guys, guess what! We have vote incentives now! Every Friday there will be a new one. Just wander over to that Top Webocomics icon and vote for us~

This week's incentive is a sketch of D'arby (one of my personal fav characters, too bad he's a minor one >>). So, yeah, vote your hearts out!
For those of you going or at New York Comic Con/ New York Anime Fest, come visit me! I'll be at TABLE D25 ON THE FOURTH FLOOR and will be selling Two Keys volume 1, along with other comics and posters!

Hope to see you there!
Them there's fightin' words.

I've been watching Natsume Yuujinchou. Doctor Who is awesome, of course, but I recommend Natsume for ultimate chillaxing and demons.

Wow, thanks! I'm glad you're still interested in Two Keys, despite how different it is from HoneySyn :)

Obrigadinho~ :)
And Miss Misty calls upon the spirits of the deer fish senior citizens.
He looks like a playdough man. A bleeding playdough man. Think of all the playdough men you killed when you were young...they all had names. Like MacKenzie. And Bob.
August 25th, 2011
Madame Fortuna likes to put on one-person plays in her spare time.
Zing! Oh man, she told you!