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The angel Ruler
Whats there to say? Obviously nothing. Sure a few comics will eventually be posted, for all of you to read. Fantasy is my main choice, that along with adventure, and other things. Usually do boyxboy, and normal striaght couples. Thats about it to say.

ICON CREDIT GOES TO: original owner.
My mind is f-cking blown.
Your fight scene works very well! :)
So true...poor guy. xD
Panther = awesome idea.
The angel Ruler
November 23rd, 2012
Yay update <33
rping with our oc's is always awesome
you should draw them as would be different. xD
No Dezzzz D: god that must of hurt
lol their first meeting = awkward. xD
That face...Taisuke needs an hug.
@cupEcake: Your comment made me laugh. xD

Fight fight!
Now that cheered me up. Awesome.
Never question your gods. Nope nope.
I want his mask...Gimme gimme!
lol Demion is a weird guy. xD
Aw he kept the braid in his hair. <3
Ack, why can I sadly imagine he collapses in exhaustion? Or is that just me?
They're not going to get stuck in are they? o_O
No its not bad at all; I do it all the time. xD

on the page; i love the last panel. the preceptive = love <3
Aw Shuno <3 You care so much about him. Such an awesome lover you are.