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Ice Age Mammoth
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this layout is soo coolo!
love the face on xin in the secound to last panal!
upperclassmen,umm, what will xin do when he becomes one?
lol, pluto=blair, but will gordon do this country good? or turn out to be a ,master,? (see docter who if you dont know).
does he know that:
1)hes very high up n he dosnt like being that high does he?
2)if he losses balance while running in circles he will fall off.
the letters look like they have been joined up like dot to dot.
i dont like memomey lane, so i bulldosed it and biult a gaming center on it.
hes gonna regret that at some point, prop when xin hits him again.
hehe, he still has bird crap on his hat
'oh crackers' love it, she just carm, with a not botherd tone in her voice.
why would you do that?! do you have any idea how painfull that is!
wierd tv series as well
remembers the past
this reminds me, i still can not get past zelda links awarnkaing, cant find the key to get to boss on the cave thing where you have to use that dog dot thing to get to in the swamps, know where it is, carnt get it, 6 years ive been stuck
(O_O) Is that rice balls i see in the background *trys to jump into page* meanie, dont tease people with drawings of lovly food
i can relate to skye, kinda big sci freak myself, still lol
you are so good, very very preety.
the blonde dude looks fimilar, might of seen him somewere else... no carnt remember
mizy.chan thats the guy who slaughted the girls village.
the darkness that will consome her i guess is what is happening to lord Ryeth
reminds of mounty python and the holy grail 'she turned me into a newt'
will the 'i got better' bit apper later?