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My #1 hobby are Yaoi(or horses i dont know ahahha^^)♥
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Shuuji IS cute :D:D
I want it to be a male :D:D
*first comment* This is really good :D:D I really enjoy it ;D
So it really was a dream?

Love your comic ♥
I wanna know what she found in there xO
I bring the soda!
Well i like this i want waaaaaay more :D
J├Ątte bra :D (Maybe i should write in english so others can read;) Really good :D I begin to like this :D
*Jealous* Your art are so beautiful~~♥ :D:D I really like it ^^
This really truly are cute, nyaa ~~ ♥
YAY ~~ !♥ (First time i comment so i must tell what i think about this; I ♥ IT ♥ Nothing more to say (A)
Where i live(sweden) its meter of snow ;o