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I'd prefer a BL freak who's got the skills drawing BL rather than shounen .. *pout* I want to read on TDR and TLR ...:< *sob*

On the other hand I like Shounen too .. since you put so much effort in it, I may start reading BH ... but still *ppoout* XDD
ROFL I can't st-stoooop!~ The whole page is so priceless! First panel is WIN, Raihyo's taste in boys is WIN, the inhale face is WIN .. <3<3<3<3<3 LOOVE! XDD
OH MY GAAAWD. I can't wait .. It's been 4 months .. how about it? :< Will you release new pages soon? What about the gaaaaaaaaame? DX< *fangirling*
"HARD HEHEH" ... LOL she gotta be a fellow BL fangirl.
She seemed so cute and innocent on first glance, but now .. >:3 WAHAHA. I LIKE THEM SISTAAAAAAS! ^_____________^ <3 Woot!
LOVE~~~! <3
OH MY GAWD!~ I love your art style and skills! I love the characters ... Koen, Kyuu ... the maid <3<3 OMFG askofjasdopfgnaefvbpasdfv *DROOLS* I'LL STALK YOU FROM NOW ON! Wah-hahahahaa! :DD