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I like'd to see Eevee evolve into Espeon, but mostly because Espeon is my favorite.
yeah 4kids sucked at dubbing, and so do pokemonUSA
@Chidorisengan: his original name WAS Green, he was only named Blue outside Japan because Japan was the only country that got Green verison.
@geegs: His name is Green in the manga, Blue is the girl.
please tell me it's not a flying bidoof
I agree with Cyan The Fox, WHY can ash and his friend NEVER see through they're disguises. In pokemon D/P ep.4, Team Rocket wasn't even in disguise, they were just wearing coats over they're uniforms and Meowth wasn't even in disguise, and Ash and his friends still fell for it. Go to Serebii and check pics for the episode. the anime is an epic FAIL.