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Hi! You can call me MNRS, Mid, Night, Raven, Star, or a mix of my "name." I'm a HUGE otaku. Most of my time is spent reading manga, watching anime, on the computer, or playing video games. I read just about any sort of manga unless it is mature. I am currently reading a book called "The Green Mile" by Stephen King. Good movie and book (so far). I recommend reading/watching them both.
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I just have to say, you have an amazing art style. It really is adorable! I love the spin you've put on the Cinderella story. And perhaps the person is....Prince Charming!? Hope algebra goes better for you though.
I find it so ironic that you got the name of this comic from the song. When I first saw this I thought of the song and it started playing in my head. When I saw that I was like, well isn't that ironic. Anyways, I love the story and enjoy it! I've only just gotten into this stuff you see.....Love it!
I love your art! It is very beautiful and unique. But for some odd reason, Satoru's hair makes me think of Gau from Nabari no Ou. Either way, keep up the good work.
Since everyone else is guessing, I'll guess too.
P is Past.
C is Current.
F is Future.
Okay, I've got to say this. I LOOOOOVVVVE the comic. Totally awesome. But I have to ask since to me it's wierd. Am I the only one who thinks that when Jack doesn't have that psychotic "I'm gonna kill you" face on that he's hot?
How cute!!! The tough guy who seems to care only about himself is actually caring. Love it!!