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Walking Squid
I am a comic artist, animator and illustrator currently in school at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. (SAIC) I love creating 2D animation and comics both traditionally and digitally and I hope to be uploading a variety of the two.
I am looking for fellow comic creators and enthusiasts to be pals with!
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On hiatus. We are eager to get back to work so hopefully it wont last very long.
This will be the last page for a bit. Sorry! I promise to pick up again asap. Stick with me folks, we are just starting here.
I am way too much in love with that hair. I love the intense black and white contrast of your pages. Just awesome. <3
The goth kid was too much fun.
Tone got a little messed up on this one. Learning, learning, learning. We just moved into a new apartment so there might be a delay for a week or so, but I hope not! Just about to start the good stuff...
Gotta get better about these backgrounds. Poor Henri. Getting rags tossed on him.

Vulpini: Thanks! I hope we can keep up with the comic. And poor Henri. But what can I say? I enjoy picking on him!
My favorite panel is Zach about to burst with something to say. Adorable.
I don't think the skull (Henri) enjoys being pressed into an armpit.
Yay Zach!
Man looking back, this page needs a lot of work. What is going on in the top half?!
Shits gettin' real! And I rhyme like a pro! ... or not.
Welcome to Madame V's and the first page of Midnight Oil! We look forward to hearing what you think, and advice is very welcome.
I would be sad! Finishing a comic is a great feeling, and I know how hard it can be to keep with one, but the feeling when it's done is awesome. Just take a break and draw for a while, the inspiration to wrk might come back.
God I love the way you draw noses and hands!
Limbo Express was created by the team Walking Squid. This was our first ever completed project, although this is only chapter one! Since this comic we have learned a lot and continue to work on new comics in a number of styles and genres. You can see our most up to date information at

We hope you enjoy Limbo Express chapter one and will check out our other soon to be uploaded comics!