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kawaii blackrose
i shall nevah tell
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im a full grown adult but
I-i dont get it?
Too sheltered for this world
i was never ready for that
there's just somethings you just dont predict
When i started to wear my choker was when i began to have problems
and thus my journey began avoiding guys and finally be the ninja i was born to be.
Im afraid of Airplanes
BUt OMG the trip will be worth it
Going to Acen to meet some online friends and they live in chicago so it'll be new nd exciting but now THIS makes it more worth while
oh boi!! so pumped for this that i might just foret my legitimate fear of heights and airplanes all together lol
Does anyone else does this or is it just me?
like if it's 18.99 my mind says did you mean 20?
So when i was working at a small phone company
my assistant manager was so lazy and so irresponsible that he would leave the store to me to close all by myself
when there should be 2 people at the store at all times so i would have my best friend come over the store to help me to attend to the store or for me to at least go to the bathroom ; ~ ;

we had already been robbed once and it had happened to be my customer to rob us and not even a week later this SHIFTY MAN is outside lookin at us
so i was soo scared i got my friend to go to the store next door which was a liquour store and told them we might get robbed soon so if they heard a bam at the wall that was our code that yes, we were being robbed at the moment
thankfully we didnt have to use our code but man was the guy shifty
I think he would have robbed us if not for the fact that the guy thought that my friend was security for some weird reason
@alie: Ah! no i just made them up just now ^^;;
he made Aegis(there is more info on his tumblr) and said we could make our own as long as we credited him but haha yeah i wouldnt mind drawing more of them in the near future it'll be sad as hell though

Also here once you get on his page click on the link were it says Aegis submissions and you should see more art of other peoples Aegis(and mine) and their child it'll also give you the basics of what Aegis are and do :3
So there's this thing on tumblr from Moosopp about Aegis you should check it out!!!
Her we have Gwen the child and Lulu the fox aka Aegis~


I couldn’t help but do this argh!

Gwen met Lulu on a Camping trip while gathering firewood for her father (her mother is in jail for attempted murder)since the incident with her mother Gwen rarely speaks and doesn’t show much emotion but when she met Lulu she immediately started to cling to her and called her mama due to her having the same colors eyes as her.Gwen will only talk if Lulu is around and if she isn’t she cries calling for her.

Lulu bonded with Gwen because it was in her nature to want to take care of children so when she heard a whimpering Gwen in the forest she sprinted towards her. At first Gwen is shocked to see a fox so when she turns into her human form and sees her reaction she decides to be in her human form just to comfort Gwen. At night Lulu sleeps in her fox form cuddled by Gwen and she loves it.

Again credit to MoosoppArt :3
In celebration of my twin getting a rad haircut
You go girl
My dog makes me exercise and I dont like it lol.
@alie: He makes that face alll the time and im forever weak against it
He also lost his Glasses that day.
In case it doesn't make sense
Right after my boyfriend threw that mud at my face a huge wave came at us and completely wiped him out but did nothing to me since my back was against the wave.
It was a glorious sight to see him scream/see him flip a few times before the wave washed him ashore.
I once forgot i left him outside to go potty.
The little shit can run fast in mud.
I on the other hand will fall in said mud.
@alie: yesss i once spent like 800 dollars the after math was a dark era for many ramen dinners man and yes:3
you got a good eye )XD
Working as a cashier you meet the angriest of people and apparently babies as well.
I clearly wasn't prepared for that.
Yaoi is love
Yaoi is life
= v=;; help me
Credit for keveddpic goes to c2dy2c1d
check her out on tumblr she's amazing<33~
But you do it next year
Since i was small i could sometimes see things that were off and i'll get to that later but sometimes i feel like something or someone has been watching me lately

the more you know~
This me
I'm also an Albino hispanic
no one believes me since i hate light ass skin = v=;;

I haven't updated this comic in like 3 years so i'm going to do better and try to upload like twice a week don't know yet
gotta figure that out
wish me luck
you...we think the same..heh nice