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also, i think it looks fine. :]

I think Sept will totally go ga-ga over him.
Haha, Sept is such fail.
I love it.
You got Sept down perfectly, too. ;3

He's such a misfit. lulz.
Haha, it seems that Sept is the only sensible one...
despite the fact that he'd talking to himself...
And he thinks he's the reincarnation of a tube sock...
But, you know... Whatever!

Sloppy coloring and lack of backgrounds, I apologize.
Obviously, I love sadistic characters too.
-doesn't remember the last time she made an uke-
Maybe, maybe not.
hope I didn't TOTALLY butcher Storm.
just a quick little ViharxStorm doodle I did. :3
sweeeet! <3
looks like Vihar has found some prey. ;3
Name- Vihar
Age- ???
Gender- Male
Position- Seme
Vihar is very cold. He doesn't speak much, he mostly communicates through body language. He's also vicious, using his powers to destroy entire countries and take lives. He gets pleasure from destroying things and causing pain. He's not abusive in the physical manner, he is abusive in the way that he likes to screw with people's heads. He's also an absolute horndog, he's the type who would take advantage of the weaker Gods without a second thought. Nobody knows how he thinks, really, everyone just knows that he is entirely screwed up in the head, as his idea of fun is leaving scars up and down his arms just to prove to himself that he's immortal. Basically, Vihar is just absolutely fucked up.

Random facts-
•Vihar is Hungarian for "Hurricane".
•The innocent type is a turn-on for Vihar, as he loves to dominate and be in control.
•Vihar seems not to have a conscience of any kind.
•Nobody really knows what Vihar's eyes look like.
whai thank yooh. :3
don't worry, i'm not leaving!
i just wanted to apologize for my lack of activity. i have had a lot of emotional problems lately and stuff like that... but i hope to be active again asap!
i'm really sorry. D:
forgive mehhh?
haha, thanks. :3
JSAHDJKSHLAJSL! -dies of amazing art overload-
isitbadiwanttomarrystrauss? xD
I have an aversion to blonds, what can I say? xD
But, basically, the concept is that Soare did something mean to Aeolus and Aeolus was all "*SOB*" and then Soare secretly feels guilty. ;3

But, yeah. Sorry for totally murdering Aeolus. >_____>
thank youuuu. :3
they're s'posed to be, like, red orange, but as i was doing the hair, the yellow mixed in with the red and i was all "ooooh! that's pretty!" and decided to keep them that way.
-dies of cuteness overload-

ALSO, you draw hands super well!
I was just messing around with brushes and styles and whatnot to see if I liked something better than my usual drawing technique and I decided to use Soare as my sample, so here you go! :]