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December 12th, 2012
So close to an ending...
So. Close.
But no.
The art is just... breathtaking. This is one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen<3 Loving this so far- it's so whimsical and playful with a little dash of creepiness/mysteriousness. Aghhisefhiqerfgiwdfj wonderful<3
I suddenly got the urge to go make a comic today. I was telling my boyfriend about this one and how it was the comic I worked on the hardest and loved the most. Unfortunately, things got in the way and... well you know how those things go. Anyway, I would love to re-make this thing if at least ONE person will read it. I just need some opinions on the style ;w; I know not many people like reading anthro comics, and I can go either way. However I have a feeling that if I do anthro style I can make pages faster just because I SUCK at human legs OTL. BUT yeah... sooo... that's about it c:
Cugen is either a girl or likes cross-dressing because she was wearing a skirt in the last chapter... Unless she has genetic mosaicism... both male and female DNA... xD
September 19th, 2010
Whoa I did not see that coming.
Oh snap.

Last panel= Win.
I love her umbrella <3
Awww <3 she's so adorable!
Ewww cheesy love scene!
Yay! I see my name! This motivates me to start commenting more often.... :D Wonderful comic, keep up the awesome work!
I had to completely reconstruct Jack's face in the second panel in Photoshop xD It still looks weird.
I had to squeeze all that cheesey dialogue in somewhere....
This has got to be ONE awkward jump.... I was going for a more "jump-straight-across-to-the-other-side" look but it's more of a "OMG-I-just-jumped-from-a-plane-and-now-I'm-descending-onto-your-roof" thing going on here.

To put it simply- it looks like he's making an arc through the air instead of jumping straight across.

It bugs me.

Plus the scanner obliterated my colours.

Gawd life SUCKS.
OMG his face in the first panel is so heart-wrenching T^T
Awwwkwaaaarrd. Lol I still love Nick though <3
I love how you draw their eyes! So sparkly *0*
Oh Gawd
I hate this page too >.> And did you notice? Their roofs suddenly shifted closer. xD
I hate hate HATE this page... >.> I simply cannot write good dialogue... or draw sappy scenes like this...
Alarm Clock?
The magical shapeshifting alarm clock AT YOUR SERVICE :D