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I'm a reader and an author. I am BY NO MEANS an artist. Sometimes I may grace an author with fanart but I don't know if that's a compliment or insult, coming from me. xD

I digress. I LOVE to read comics on here. It's a hassle keeping up with them all. >_> If I love you, I definitely let you know.

Feel free to talk to me. :D I like to talk.
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October 11th, 2016
This was not the twist I expected 8'(
They're so cute ;A;
Oh man, to your previous reply, you're so right. :( Vivien pulls off being calm or collected so well, but she's going thru just as much.

Can't believe this is the last chapter! This comic's been part of my life for so long..! Haha..
Poor Jirou :( his life is totally changing. So sad.
I've been waiting for this moment ;_; reunited, hahaha
I'm so sad. :( They're making me miss Oscar so much, ahaha!
Oh stop, Oscar, you're making my little heart break. :(!
Such cuties~ I love them.

But dang, it really hit me this page how well your art style is going along. <3 Keep it up!
They're too precious, I can't take it ;A; hahaha!
This page is wild from first to last panel, I love it!! Great page, ahaha. :)
I'm here til the end! Glad to see you posting here again, as well. :) good luck with all, good and bad!
I can agree with that! On a reader's side, every page this chapter has a level of excitement, that makes /me/ excited.

Also I love the way the kitties are drawn, heheh.
I'll forgive you for forgetting, since this page is so wonderful. ;) heheh.

Also happy holidays!!
Ah man, this page is adorable. Oscar you're such a lil' shit and I love it.
He needs to find him a stuffed animal to get him to come back, first! haha.
I know them Kennywood feels- I'm from Cleveland & it was basically the same deal, you're close so you're going there haha. That and Cedar Point.
Yikes! I had a lot of catching up to do haha. Aah everything is still beautiful. :)
Oh no! Get better soon. :( Being sick is the worst.