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at first i thought that the second panel said SNAP not SLAP so i didn't get why she was on the floor but no worries i get it now!!
My favorite "unorthodox pairing" : Shinji X Toshio X 'Ehukai X Keani X La'akea.
is Clifford the Big Red Dog the Little Red Dog's big brother?
~love the way Zoshis eyes are glowing!!
thats quite a face in the first panel, are you regretting this plan, Kea?
I can't wait to see what happens!!! i wanna see how this plan works out!!
Thats because you were mean to him, Kea!!! </3
I love how the dots turned into feathers!!!!
Zoshi, Koshi, and now Black Bird?? How manny names does he have!?!?!?!

I sooooo wanna buy Devil's Cake Vol. 1 time to convince my mom to let me by this (can't buy things online...)
Angichan you are so good at drawing hands!!! and i love Kea's expression in the first panel!!!
First post I have made on this comic.
First off LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I'm so into this stuff now!!!!

I wanna know what the plan is!!!!!!

@ Daeva-kun How did you come up with these names?? they are pretty unusual but very cool at the same time!!
Kea Please Read!
Kea, love is joyful and painful, very painful that is why love is so confusing. So please give Zoshi a chance to make your heart feel like its never felt before. ~Manganimelover
omg so many questions in my head can't wait for the next page!!!!!

-@ Meiro: that is probably what she would say!!!
Zoshi it's time to go into ultimate stalker mode!!!!!!!!!!!
*Zoshi singing:*
♪look at my eyes, maaan.♪

Can't touch this♪

couldn't resist i know its a serious moment but this just popped n my head when i saw Zoshi!
give the flute back
come on kea dont do it please i believe that Zoshi truly loves you dont sell him out!!!
- Oh Angichan what color is your room?
i hope that she says that its the scarf!

~it would be AWSOME if this was made into a show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Devcake Zazzle Store
I dont know if your already doing this already... but how about making the pictures into stickers or buttons?

This new person has me confused @_@
Have we seen this person before? She looks familiar.
PLEASE feel better dont push yourself!!!!
~And Thank you for at least letting us know and taking time to do that!
Love the page
hope you feel better in time for the wedding. I wish him the best of luck in the future.
~Why cant this boy just give up on trying to bring down Zoshi/Koshi?...