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Yo, um...I like drawing, anime, manga, all that jazz...that's why I'm here. So yeah hope to make a comic of some sort xD
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lul who is tht curly haired person >> i wanna say jt but that cant be right...and the tall one?? @__@
yay u posted it without my nagging ; w ; IM SO HAPPY
panel 4 morgan looks adorable!
hey hey > 3 > HAWT STUFF
the best comment ever
ahh i love the mean ladies red pupils
I don't think it should end here. I want to know what ends up happening between them >> if u can do tht in 3 pages then I applaud u.
good page! I hope you feel better =)
I love the little titles you have for each page when you hover over it and it tells you the file name there great XD
Oh I'm just terrible all I can think about for the last page is "A spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down~"
omg thats the cutest thing I've ever seen >///< *dies from overload of cuteness and falls out of chair*