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Call me CG.
I am a student at Bowling Green State University.
I am an aspiring graphic novelist.

My life is all about:
writing/ drawing/ comic books/ ink/ floral
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Haha. Oh my goodness. Every time I start to get interested in one of my friends this is exactly what I do. I'm always in such denial for the longest time.
Jacob can't deny his love forever. :)
I want them to keep holding hands!! :D
I can't wait! I loved heart and will read it again and again and again. glad it's coming back!!! :D
Well, this was neglected for a pretty long while, wasn't it?

I'm sure everyone has figured Innocent Rebellion is a to be unfinished comic, but as my first, I am proud of how far it got.

I found this page on the recesses of one of my old flash drives and figured even though the page wasn't completely finished, I should at least post it so it didn't end on a page in the middle of a sentence. Also, this was a page I was very fond of in itself, I wanted to at least share it.

So, there will be no more Innocent Rebellion, but if anyone really wants to read the rest of the story that I had drawn out only in pencils, I am posting it on deviant art.

if anyone wants me to post the pencils on here, I will supply, but only with demand.

Sorry to any readers that really loved this story. I appreciate any and all readers that I had. Thank you.
this is what love is like, jake. get used to it.
math is the devil jacob! its absolutely god awful. =/
omg dana, you're updating so much i can barely keep up! XD
not that i have a problem with it. :P
uh oh jake, you're in trouble....
melany and gavin<3
i want that to happen. so bad.
little boy gavin >////< so adorable. it hurts.
haha. i wonder what it could be that jacob doesn't want them to hear...
so pretty!! :DD
the coloring is so beautiful!
real quick question, how old is val now? cause the last mention of his age was when he turned 18. but it's been awhile since then, right?
lol. i like how he calls him cyrus and not dad.
cause that would be awkward. haha.
ahhhh! D:
don't let the prospect of hooking up with alyce distract you from the job mathew. i'm so scared you're gonna screw this up. >.>
final chapter?!
i have loved this story so much. you should really self publish it, i would totally buy a copy.

to be honest it was a little hard to understand the english at some parts, but thats no matter. it still is such a great story. :3
O.O she's gonna steal his car?! oh no!!
loving the updates.

and yeshhh, i've been waiting for this to get brought up. :3
why has mathew, like, gotten hotter as the story has gone on? maybe its the short hair. lol.
then again, they all seem to have an increased amount of attractiveness. its probably this style. :D