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I'm Amuya.
As you might tell from my favorites, I prefer bl usually. Don't let it stop you! If you find something awesome and funny or really action filled and batshit please recommend it to me! :3 Lawl. So, yeah. I love horror and batshit psycho characters, I like bl, and I like interestingly original action based comics.

I also draw and illustrate things, if you need a co-comic person please look me up, I only have one picture up of my own art besides a comic page on Halloween, but please keep a lookout or ask me to send you a sample. I've become pretty good and gotten professional in this last year since I posted any of that stuff. My style changed some to more detailed and acurate anatomy.

I am still hard at work on my own comic and planning out plot and stuff, message me or if you see me send me a side note if you think I should just use my inner mental plot line and just sort of let the crowd decide. I get bored easily with things so you have no idea how many times I've re-done the plot.... It's become pretty f-ing crazy and stuff....

Comic WIP Status: 1- Coming soon, this summer. ;3
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This is so great! Yup. The pain is real and you sir are freaking out.
Oh god so pretty, why do I see nine just grabbing him?
Lol xD its ok its adorable! Plus it makes for realistic mock platonic intamacy. Lol "type"
I know ur type magic"chika chikaaah"
I think the page is awesome :) and I love his face in the fourth panel.

His tiny hands<3

Lol because you suck man. That's why you need magic helps.
You know you've read too much yaoi when this is cuter than it should be.

Lol but seriously, esben will probably mock him for this.
March 29th, 2012
Oh wow, he's like two and a half heads shorter. Let's say 4 heads? Anyone for 4 heads shorter?
March 28th, 2012
And then rasputin kissed him and luke had a seizure. No one died. Luke cries over missed opportunity
March 22nd, 2012
I can already tell this is going to be a new favourite comic ^^
Awwww, I ship Ilya and mr.benefitleech so hard.... sorry xD
Aw, someone draw valentines fan comic. For this. Poor pai.... what happened to him is part of my biggest fear so it hits home....... I hope he'll be ok
February 11th, 2012
January 21st, 2012
Lol awww no! Sanders do something cute/manly to get him back!
January 7th, 2012
D: I can accept when something endsl but for that reason makes me feel kind of like crap.... most fans are just so caught up in how great something is that they don't participate.... please finish it for us ): were sorry
Please for the luvagod tell me some of your past adorb fluff kisses happens now. PUT DOODLES TO USE<3 plz?
Aww I can't get over the adorable. Lol put him in your pocket witchdoctor.
Oh god either preggers or turning female. Dear lord no the manly one
October 25th, 2011
This makes me sad- for I know it will only show to have been cock tease. Luke is cock teasing Rasputin who doesnt know what that is and Rasputin is Cock teasing Luke who is turned on by angry ukes and this page cock teases us all because we want them to screw. :c
SPOILER + Unpopular opinion?
Obvious choice is ob- shot to the nuts.
Non existance is sweet.


He's crying so we all know.. even if rape angers me beyond ALL HELL this was.. meh.. idk. Irl I dont know how the average person would respond. Probably NOT be in love in any shape or form but simply be in shock and confused as well as feeling defenseless and weak, also maybe having grown a brotherly or friendly love for the two brothers rather than Ehukai whom didnt seem to understand the concept of love until now.

Kidnap - Gender confusion - Ensued rape - Quickly accepting the fact hi new 'wife' would be eaten - Cheating - and showing up suddenly declaring love after absolutely no bond emotionally other than "Im a boy/ I wanna go home/ You ass you cheated on me!/ I forgive you/ omfg he's gonna eat me" ._.

But for the sake of entertainment and the -ness that is the classic yaoi cliches this will end with sappy happy love ending where he will (my guess) choose Ehukai.

:3 I still love this comic, its pretty silly and a little interesting about culture there at times. Also I didnt take into consideration the times or the character's uniquness nor the things actually shared withing those emotional bonds with everyone but Ehukai.

:D So thisll be cute as fuq<3333