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Humour, not humor.
If you've never been to a panto, likely if you're United Statesian, then that's sad. It also means the above comic will probably be lost on you.
But probably not as lost as you would have been if I had put with the Wikipedia caption. See but be warned, you'll only get it if you edit Wikipedia too much (like me)

Happiness and Chocolate
Happy Crimbo
Hope you had a good one!
Hey, thanks for commenting on One Thousand Words. Congrats on reaching 150 comics (you're on 149 now, one more!)

Sorry Sarah (who is actually a very sociable person). Also, Clare is a nice place and we don't have many cliques.

Cambridge only offers a very limited number of undergraduate courses (about 25), ASNaC is one of the more obscure, though very interesting.

If is wasn't for ASNaCs, we wouldn't have lymericks like these:

The reasons Cnut conquered this land
You'll find you can count on one hand:
They were weary of war
Needed strong kings once more
And no more Viking raids could withstand.
FYI: Pennying is a drinking game common to Cambridge Colleges. Basically, If someone places a penny in your drink, you have to down it to "save the queen". See wikipedia's article for more information.

Happy thoughts,
In-Jokes and all that
I'm afraid today's comic was written primarily for my weekly dead-tree slot in my college paper, Clareification, the student rag of Clare College Cambridge ( ). In short, Callum is the president of the student's union (the UCS), and he's Scottish and er...
It's got Robots, Robots are cool.
From the artist
Those of you who read your Clareification last year may recognise this one, as well as the background setting.
Little unsure about this one, got a good one planned for Friday though, stay tuned!