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@Regreme: thanks, dunno how i missed that. i guess when you know what people are going to say your brain reads it before your eyes do lol.
@swan1488: Not as of yet. There were plans to make a full Ryak-lopedia. But that would be a massive task for one guy haha
@Rifuso: fixed, thank you
Apologies for the delay. Life got in the way, But here have a pic of an angry Kodo... well angrier.
Seven years ago today i posted the 1st page of Ryak-Lo. ( plus there was about 7 years of planning and rewrites before that...14 years in on this no wonder i need the breaks :P )
So here's a pic to celebrate it and also kick back off as i continue with Ryak-Lo again after my hiatus.

There's a whopping 351 unique characters in this picture (if you zoom in) from every bad guy, Racer and bounty hunter, to side characters and origin characters. there's designs yet to appear in the story and even Villains set to appear in future arcs. Really makes me realise just how much i've designed for R-L (and this doesn't even include all of the random civilians, creatures, monsters & machines i've made.)

As i'm 14 years in from Ryak-Lo's 1st inception i'd like to say thank you to the readers/fans especially if you've stuck by me with the long breaks or have gotten other people into it :D and i'm going to strive harder to get back into the solid work ethic that i used to have. I've got so much more cool stuff just waiting that i'm sure you'll love. I started to conceive Ryak-Lo the same day i discovered i was going to have a daughter and the story of Kodo doing everything he could to protect Ryna evolved from there, it was my way of expressing how i felt about being a father. It as initially high fantasy and eventually that changed into incorporating elements of sci-fi until i finally decided i wanted to create a world where many genres were mashed together, in a somewhat cohesive way. i wanted to create a world where any story could be told and have loved the challenge of making it work. it was something i'd only seen done similarly in final fantasy or star wars and wanted to make a world like that. While it's roots are in the action shonen manga style, i've wanted to get many sub-genres in there as well as have a foundation for other kinds of side stories. i'm just lucky that it has resonated with as many people as it has. and while i understand that a couplf of long hiatus' have probably made a fair few people drop off or even forget about it all together i appreciate everyone that has read it, continues to read it and those that are yet to discover it.
@V.G.A: fixed now thanks :)
September 25th, 2016
@rosmery: lol why is that?
well after a longer break than expected i'm back! i'll be finsihing of the cail, armittus, tiko origin and then continuing with the main story!
don't worry. New issue is on its way :D
this was a pic i started back in april for the 4th anniversary of ryak-lo. but depression happened and it got ditched halfway through. but here it is...only 4 months too late :P
July 23rd, 2014
Yes i'm alive after 4 months away i think i'm about ready to get back into things. i won't go long into details but the last few details have been a little up and down with doubt of depression hitting me and my partner hard. i just havent been in the mood to do any drawing and the idea of it made me shy away from it even more. i've been easily distracted with other stuff and trying to focus on other aspects of my life.

After 4 years of Ryak-Lo (plus planning it all prior to that) i think i burnt myself out for a bit. i've missed drawing it but just havent been able to bring myself to do any work on it. and any attempts have been poor. But i figured its time to come out of the wood work and let people know i'm its my birthday today lol.

the last few weeks i've been feeling my creativity start to return and have been working on some other little projects in preparation for getting running at full steam again. even worked on some Cosplay that went down pretty well at some local Cons.

Massive Apologies for everyone waiting on more Ryak-Lo. but sometimes life, health and other issues get in the way :( i've felt so bad about not doing any art but on the same hand havent been able to bring myself to do any. (I even totally missed the 4th anniversary of Ryak-Lo. starting a special pic for it and bailing on it halfway through)

so here i am out of hiding! expect work soon
@godmoderncommander: all fixed now. i must have made a mistake when i reuploaded this issue with the better font lol. luckily it wasnt a page with a major plot point
@supersonicfan0: it is :)
November 21st, 2013
some of the Ryak-Lo cast with the 4 leads of my 4 fav anime.

a pic i'd pencilled out aaaages ago and just never got around to inking. so i decided to ink it and throw some quick colour on to it.
Im Back! (properly this time)
apologies for the delay had a bit of an accident :P and knackered my hands up a bit which stopped me being able to do anything creative. but all sorted now :D
@super chao: i couldnt call myself a brit or a geek if i couldnt spot a doctor who reference :P
@super chao: hehe its just a little plait, and no its not always been there. it's new this arc :)
and now that the anniversary pics are done, back to business as usual :)
Just a quick comparison of 2 pics. the 3 year anniversary pic, and the original crappy one it was based on.