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I love to read manga~ o w o
But I'm so lazyyy. TT^TT
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I've been waitin'~!! :D
Right when I commented "I caught up" you posted another page. >>; haha

Just caught up; your manga is completely ah-dorable!! Can't wait to watch the showdown~ *3*
This is a great comic!!! Are you ever going to make more pages?
...I'd be terribly depressed of you didn't. D; .... PLEASE WRITE MORE TTATT i'll be so sad if it's unfinished.
Ah, I see it! 8D

Now they'll get the magical F. ^3^
(O o O)
Ooooooohhh... *is not not not not not paranoid*
(O o O)
Oh no, brainwash! D:
I can't see the page. TT^TT
Total love. 8D

Friday is a good guy. >:D *srsbsns*
I may wanna join this comic for fun. XD;
Best. Comic. EVER. 8DD
Feel bad for the people who were born Monday. D:
Uhm... I just wanted to say I love you--I mean your wisdom~ xD
Makes me want to do something like this. x)
So cuteeeeeee~ **w**
Oh, I'd like to join! :D

But... not when it's 10 and my sister is kicking me off. ^ ^;
I think I love you. ; ; v ; ;