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So um yeah this is my profile :I
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//Currently procrastinates studying and writing final paper to check her smackjeeves favorites// Totes not gunna fail for this decision
Ahhh I know what manga inspired this~
James and I have the same perception of romance xD
SHame on those who complained D=
I looove this chapter~ I just love Hidukul and Horus (plus giant lizard whose name escapes me) they are all so much fun =3
You my friend have stole my heart with this page~ <3333

Also I hope I'm not the only one tht broke out into song while reading this xDDD
How does it feel Atticus? Being made fun of and shamed by little kiddies 8D ???
FFFFF Dat' ass! It was the first thing I saw in the preview xD
LOLOL Captain spitz in ribbons~
I would talk about how I love your drawing style or the colors or the way you do your panels or how sweet this whole scene has been but all I keep doing is staring at those tattoos and thinking what a pain in the butt it would be to draw them over and over again xDD

Anyways another lovely page~ <3
Awwwwwwwwwwww this was the sweetest most sexiest page ever!!!!!!!! <33333
My heart melted a little~
He GAVE it a curly wurly. Shit just got real xD
If you didn't want it you would have pushed him away long ago my friend >8D