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.... perhaps I'll start a comic... don't know....
would LOVE to... but will not have the patience for such things...hahahaha... haha.. ha... ha...

... so for now I shall be a comic-stalker, yep! *U* fufufufufufu...
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October 14th, 2013
This is on Smackjeeves!!! *U*
Love-love-love Pandect!!!

(and OMG its all new and shiny! COLOURS!!!)
OGAWD! toooooooo adorable!!
Beautiful C:

(And now I will proceed to follow-creep you on Tumblr!)
I just found and read this all. ITS WONDERFUL! Permission to be another Demos fangirl? xD boy is like so fiiiiiiine <3
I just discovered this... and it is so lovely! You have me mesmerized! I don't know what else to say that hasn't already been said... simply beautiful =)
I just started reading this and I love it! its hilarious XD reminds me a lot of RO and my own experience with same-sex in-game marriage to abuse the HP/SP sharing ability hahaha!

Cant wait to continue it later tonight 8D!! (eep running late cause I HAD TO FINISH the 1st chapter at least!!)
And such a glorious first page it is *U*
ohhh how I wish I had a comic to do crossovers with you *U* loving the promos!!
.... You had me at "More Priest"!! *U*
I'm looking forward to the revamp!! And am so happy that you've kept the old strips!!... It still cracks me up so haaarrrdd <3
October feels so far awayyyyyy~
OMG Pifo.. is TOP?! *mind breaks*
the boy is manning up I see hahahaa
THIS..... is my new favourite cover *Q* <3

Can't wait to embark on the journey that is chapter 15!! 8D
awww she's like too cute!! TOO CUTE!! XD
Somehow I felt a little sad for him in panel 3 XD
this page is just beautiful <3

I love how they don't really need to say much, and eased into the relationship <3 so cute! They seem so comfortable with one another :)
*faints from sweetness overload from the last set of pages* CAT X CALLI YOU GUYS ARE TOO MUCH!!! XD <3
wow... Callista! She looks gorgeous in the first panel! :)
Callista.... you natural sweet-talker, you ;D
(Cat you lucky guy! ^,^)
Hahaha Foxy!!
(....... and here I thought they were gonna do some skinny-dipping XP hahaha too cute <3)
this burst of colour is so refreshing <3