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Blogger, writer, and Christmas ninja, among other things.




Reincarnation -- ON HIATUS
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I know that it's technically very very early Monday morning, but on the West coast it's still technically Sunday. So this is still technically the day I said I'd post it.

Tee hee? xD


Seriously though, guys, I am SO sorry for my disappearance from this site! >.< Those of you who follow me over on deviantART will already know all of my "reasons" (i.e. excuses) for this, but for those of you who only follow me here, I'll take a moment to explain:

SO. Last summer was crazy. I was basically working full time for the first time in my life, which was slightly overwhelming, while trying to prepare for my move across the country in August for university. There was packing, shopping, hanging out with friends...I was exhausted. *lame excuse is lame*

Once summer was over, I was...well, in university. I had a lot of adjusting to do, homesickness to deal with, not to mention the actual, y'know, CLASSES and shit to succeed in. That got especially crazy when November hit, as I was not only trying to study for exams and finish the huge end-of-term projects, but also trying to attempt finishing my NaNoWriMo novel. (Which I did, by the way. I had to write over 13k in a day, but I did it.)

NOW, THOUGH. Now I'm on Christmas break, I've adjusted to the university life, finished NaNo, and am unemployed, which should leave me plenty of time to work on Reincarnation. I hopefully will be able to figure out some sort of system and start up a buffer or something so that I can keep regular updates going throughout the second semester at school. xD

SO ANYWAY. This means that regular updates will start up again NEXT SUNDAY. Decenber 16th. Mark your calendars. (Actually, don't, that'd be weird. It's just a fancomic, you guys, calm down.)

Until then, enjoy an overly adorable pic drawn with the help of THIS Mark Crilley video:

(He's amazing, I suggest you check out all of his video tutorials.)
You know, in my time zone, this page is 17 minutes late. But over in Alberta, it's technically on time.

So, um. Yeah. xD
NOW you should know who Fiona is. :3

Unless you haven't played Wind Waker. Then I can't help you. xD You'll just have to wait another 11 pages or so~

Also forgot to colour Fiona's shirt in the last page. Woops~
Page 18
Sorry for the delay, folks! Got caught up in school work and university prep stuff. ^^; Not quite done with everything, but this (hopefully) will mark the start of regular updates again. xD
So. Has anyone figured out who Fiona is yet? > u >
This page is being posted at 4:03 because I'm too lazy to set the minute timer on the release date time from :03 to :00.

But regardless of that...

Updates will be coming in bulk every Sunday until the chapter is finished. I'm pretty sure I mentioned this on my deviantART account...can't remember if I mentioned it here...but really, who reads those pesky news updates, anyways? xD

Honestly have no idea how many pages I'll be able to complete weekly since I'm pretty far behind in Art and Physics isn't going to hot. (Leave it to me to fall behind in school when I only have TWO FUCKING CLASSES...)
@Captain Ghost: Now this is one of those awkward moments when I don't know whether or not to apologize for apologizing so much....xD Truth is I just get kinda disappointed in myself sometimes because I get lazy and don't try my best on some of these pages. The next couple pages turned out much better, in my opinion~

@Captain Ghost: Well, not necessarily "technique", I guess...more like "process" xD I'm basically referring to doing the shading / toning digitally xD The prologue was entirely traditional (except for text), while this one was drawn / inked traditionally, then toned, touched up and such in Photoshop. :3

I think later on I'll link to a tutorial that I read which helped me come up with my new little page-making routine...xD
@Hero of Comedy: Yes, and there are more to come! xD This chapter is very long, and although I DID intend to post the entire chapter at once, well, that didn't work out. xD So you'll be seeing a lot more updates from me over the next few weeks. :)
Man...derpy hands....horrid backgrounds...these last few pages have been shit, but I'll try to make the rest better, I promise. >.<
My pages are getting sloppier. I apologize. >.<
Disclaimer: If you really did zone out like that in during a test (or class in general), the teacher WOULD notice. Because really, no one is that stupid. xD
12 pages down, 66 more to go....


Okay, included the shoujo bubbles I wanted, time to stop the comic...

*is pelted with rotten tomatoes*

I kid, I kid. xD

Speedline brushes from here:

Bubble brushes from who-knows-where. Google "shoujo bubbles", odds are it's one of the first results. xD
I fail at perspective. You should already know this. So no complaining. xD
Man, only at page 8 and already I'm getting sloppy.....xD
I...have nothing to say about this all. xD