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Um I should point out that Vamuro's eye is still messed up.
@Guest: Run, Run, or you'll be well-done.
@HIIIIIII: If I were to guess in the context of this universe.... I think it's the visual representation of someone having a complete Table-Flipping Tourettes-Level Freakout.
@Guest: I don't usually go for Dudes like Wallis but I can fully admit he's easy on the eyes.
I will state this plain Wallis. You were a hot mess before you made your arms and legs invisible.
Argh they all sound so good but... *Votes*
How do you Spell "Relief"?


... At least that's how Assistant spells it :P
It was a social Faux-Pas born of ignorance Hobo, everything is forgiven.
Well considering mosquitoes swarm me whenever I go outside I just might give Steve two burgers (or at least a beer with that burger)
Dang I wish I looked that good first thing in the morning. :P
Dude Steve, considering your last adventure into Space this could have been *So* much worse.
And all the older couples are having a good laugh and probably a bit of nostalgia. XD
@namtap032892: I Bet Rolling in bubble wrap would be extra theraputic :P
@lol: It's the least he could do at this point

...No seriously it's the very least he's capable of doing. the most he could do is ask her name and help her get back to camp XD
@RazorD9: At least it'll make getting there a little easier to bear.
Come on guys it's not over yet. :P Vesperia can't make it too easy for Toothless or it wouldn't be interesting :P
To be fair I'm surprised Wallis has lasted this long without having a good old fashioned freakout. Yanno considering things.
@Guest: My guess? the in-colour folks are hunting our sweet Monocromatic Prince for all his dream Mojo.

As a fellow 30-year-old I feel your pain, just nice to see you still kicking :P
So Wallis warps Wildly without Wit or Wisdom? Why I wish the Worker of Whimsy that is our Writer would have willed what's what right from the start.

(Sorry, I had to do that. the situation Screamed for V for Vendetta alliteration)