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Darth AWQ
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@AshAngelV: So... Cargo Mom, Sensible Mom and Momma Bear? XD
Thank you Sally for Doing what I wanted to do to those kinds of Jerks.
Josh looks like a Puppy! XD
Oooooh that is not a good. That is not a good at all. : <
D'awww lookit the cutie. :3
. . . Okay whatever just bolted into Douglas looks to be the tongue of something even bigger and I'm not sure I'm happy about it.
Appropriate Reaction, I approve (though not approving Douglas' Leg Snatch. Not cool dood.)
@BeretCat: So I'm not the only one who caught the Watership Down reference! Yay! Most of the times when I talk or hear about it they're referring to the movie
Well you're just asking for it at that point...
That is one Sagely Jackalope. Do they do therapy appointments?
@Yuri: We've all gotten rather fond of the Indigo Boi. Not to mention if you murder him you'll probably piss off at least One World leader with Questionable Medical Ethics.
*Unhappy Audience Noises* Girl I don't care how powerfull you are I'mma just about ready to rip your wings off for kickin' the soft boi.
Aw Itzak. We know you're a smart grownup but you're a pretty smart kid too!
Cass isn't the only one in sore need of a Hug. 8'<

Kane do us audience Members a favour and hug Westley for us.
I'm pretty sure the Judge won't be keen on a Bald Spot dude...
Explains why she's super overprotective of Pregnant Ladies/Mothers. I've often heard Stillborn children tend to be very psychologically trying for the mother.
OOOOOOH I think I get it. Circe's checkin' to see if the Baby's a new Witch! Athena must know how to check.
... Circe can see the Shalalas?
Suddenly I feel so Bad for the Circeus Cooks. I guess there's a challenge in every Loving relationship. Eesh.
Only in this comic can you get away with Darwinian Government Rule. How the crap to they keep a stable population in order to have a nation?

Also I think Rylie has decided that the Stratoverse is her least favorite country now.