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Darth AWQ
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Westley is ready to do a Murder. O-o
@mystic-malevolence: The fact he's sporting Shadow The Hedgehog Coloration probably is a contributing factor as well :3
. . . Harold's "Risk"? that is somewhat disconcerning.

And Hobo stop looking all black and red you're scaring the fanbase :P
@Layla: Crouching Hobo, Hidden Goth?
Well... Balls. It appears that Hobo is actually Dr. Horrible.
And if Steve had hit him on top of a Tower, then it would have been a Wham-Spire :P
Yeah the price you pay when your famous Wallis. Everyone wants to know what your drama's all about :p
Wallis likes an Audience but ONLY AT APPROPRIATE TIMES. >8I
Yay! the Burnt Bridge got Mended! *Happydance*
Again this is true. You'll never get anywhere comparing yourself to other people... You'll just get Stomach Problems.

Jeez the truth being laid down here! :P
@mystic-malevolence: I'd imagine it probably depends on the Style used. Like, Food-Based Magicians would probably be more Chemistry and Biology for example. I bet PHD's probably try (Emphasis on try) to tie the styles together or translate one style to another. I mean you get three laws for a reason right?
OooOooh Okay I feel moderately better now that I know it's not full-on Amputation time here.
It's true. It hurts when things are so much easier for everybody else but you gotta struggle uphill the whole way.
Jelly? Grape Jelly?

Peg-Leg Grandpa? I'm hoping he means Callisto or I'm going to be very worried about the boys
Um I should point out that Vamuro's eye is still messed up.
@Guest: Run, Run, or you'll be well-done.
@HIIIIIII: If I were to guess in the context of this universe.... I think it's the visual representation of someone having a complete Table-Flipping Tourettes-Level Freakout.
@Guest: I don't usually go for Dudes like Wallis but I can fully admit he's easy on the eyes.
I will state this plain Wallis. You were a hot mess before you made your arms and legs invisible.