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Itzak: the medieval Shitposter.
Theory: The "Clouds" the Stratoverians keep on their heads are their "Hats" and the Gloves they wear are their "Wands"

...Wait crap. Cirrus doesn't wear gloves. Hmmm. I'mma work on this
I dun mind a man with a little softness to him. Makes him more snuggly~ :3
@artificer urza: I would take this like one would take Asimov's Laws of Robotics. They're obviously in there for safety of magic users and any potential constructs they make via Magic, but the rules have already been broken or there are people actively Trying to circumvent the Rights.
So... 1. You get magic but only when you're "Mature" enough to use it safely. 2. You cannot use magic to disrupt an organic body (as oppose to inorganic robot bodies but hey I would not put it past CQ to somehow pull that off)
I'm assuming the Third Right has something to do with the Breaking of wands and what happened to Cakegirl right?
So does that mean All the Colour People have had nightmare the moment they reach "Magical" age? Ouch. Turns out in the Gloomverse Magic=Nightmare Fuel
Cat continues to be the Protective Daddy. No Man Woman or Kitty is good enough for Pearl :P (at least in his eyes)
@Evbay: Some Mitts and a Hat wouldn't be amiss either.
@Tepig16: If I know my Robot Lore, Sci-Fi and the Laws of Robotics...Oh yeah. *Passes an Umbrella*
@That Blobfish Girl: Indigo is just that in-between colour between blue and Violet/Purple. they're not the same colour.

Also this is quickly going down to creepytown What the heck?
She loves him. But that doesn't mean Itzak get's a free ride. :P
@Spiritsongstress Maybe to make things easier we'll just call them the "La's" as La is the only thing common among the generations (though just watch that trope be subverted now that I've mentioned it. :P)
Uh.... Wut.
The Pharoah's Curse is what made the the Shower floor so dang slippy! XD
@That Blobfish Girl: It just rounded the Cape and will return to the shore at RAMMING SPEED just you wait
@Lance: SON OF A BUSICUTWEASEL! CQ had it hinted in Indy's colour scheme this whole time!! DX
Ice Cold Judgy-Baby. Iiiiiice cold.
This is the reason why the Guards were my favourite characters in Archipelago. X3
Well actually remove either the Tie, the Sweater Vest or Both and you could get away with it.... Look less like a Purple Mr. Rodgers anyway. =w=;
Where's the Exorcism Stick? I think this is a worthy use of it!