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Darth AWQ
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Methinks he doth protest too much.
The more I hear of Otto's Dad in Hindsight and listening to his dialogue the more I wanna kick is ass up and down a street.
But Cirrus is wearing Baggy sleeves and Nim has Skin-tight Opera Gloves on. Both feel like they'd be noticeable with a good gesture (well Nim's would stick out like a Pencil under a pair of tights I'd think)

I dunno I'm being Contrarian right at the moment it feels too obvious to be the truth.

Edit: Wait a sec I see Rylie Striking that Makoto Dangan Ronpa Pose.
How very Pheonix Wright... Or I suppose Dangan Ronpa of you CQ

Okay by that logic the Stratoversian "Wand" would have to be an article of clothing. Something that would be easy and not hinder movement but would be hard to "Drop" unless physically removed from the body. So... By that logic what do All Stratoversians wear that could indicate a "Wand"?
This Probably has nothing to do with this current story but I'd reccomend "The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" just for the Dragon King Kazul. Who is a Female. And a King.

.... Dragon King Castalia? :P
Rylie be Mythbustin' :P
I want to sing that song from Sesame street now "I don't want to live on the moon"
Self Examination and Improvement: The True Superpowers
Best Way to Vent your Emotional Trash. Out on a Magic Flying Cloud in the Middle of the ocean.
@Snowyh2o: Or one really good Ugly Cry I don't know exactly which :P
WAUGH! Who Let Ganon into the comic?! XD
Hows about less comments on how everywhere but the Statoverse is Garbage and more discussion on how you do the thing please? I'm curious too.
*Offers a Bag of Potato Chips* I'm game for sharing.
I know this is probably going to be obvious in retrospect but Yellow and Rylie look really really similar. like..Parent and child similar.
@dracone: Well to be honest he's not a surgeon, technically. He's never had to consider actual pain or the right language to use on a patient he just saved on the table.
Cassandra: the Voice of the Audience.

Westley: Voice of the Especially Annoyed Audience :P
And it was Amina who tried to jump the doctor. Hmmmmm...
Okay I know everyone is impressed by the Genological chart but I have to add I am *SUPER* impressed. I once attended a lecture on charting your family tree and Geneology awhile back and it is a LOT harder than leads you to believe.

For example lots of people didn't carry personal history on them or had an identifiable Crest or name (God Help the "Smiths" out there!) and Birth Certificates are actually a fairly Recent Concept, and Social Security Numbers Even More Reccent! (Try 1930's y'all!)

Now I know this is a made-up Universe but I have to believe simple things like People forgetting to put their Last Names on the Wedding Certificate (again a thing) or even the basic concept of WRITING has to be taken into factor when scoping out a Family tree that has to be Hundreds of Generations long spanning at the very least a millennia of time.

I am awed and Terrified of this tree and the mind breaking labor it would have had to entail. Short of the Stratoverians Tracking down and Labeling each generation I'm unsure how this was even pulled off.
Big Boi Snugs. No matter how old you get you need to appreciate those Snuggles :P