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Darth AWQ
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I'm pretty sure the Judge won't be keen on a Bald Spot dude...
Explains why she's super overprotective of Pregnant Ladies/Mothers. I've often heard Stillborn children tend to be very psychologically trying for the mother.
OOOOOOH I think I get it. Circe's checkin' to see if the Baby's a new Witch! Athena must know how to check.
... Circe can see the Shalalas?
Suddenly I feel so Bad for the Circeus Cooks. I guess there's a challenge in every Loving relationship. Eesh.
Only in this comic can you get away with Darwinian Government Rule. How the crap to they keep a stable population in order to have a nation?

Also I think Rylie has decided that the Stratoverse is her least favorite country now.
Oh dear Odette's scared to death. DX
@KC: I don't think there's any "ups" at least I'd imagine saying any abuse survivor there's an "Up" to what they went though is probably a good way to get yourself punched in the nose.
it is true, I don't think Wallis is very Observant at all. He tends to miss rather straightforward things an awful lot.
@Agua: I think it's a right of Passage for Stratoversian Kids. Remember Indigo said Strato-kids are raised On the Ground. I bet once they're old enough they do the procedure.
@Guest: I dunno I think I would call both techniques equally disturbing Body-Horror wise.
@Voomser: Yeah yeah I saw. When I wrote the original statement I was strongly hoping such wasn't the case.

Also the "Indigo" question can be answered pretty easily: It's a Right of Passage among the Stratoversians. Probably as soon as the child is old enough to fit the damn thing in there.
Augh. I was hoping that wasn't going to be the case. It also explains why Indigo's Wand was so...Plain. a Gloomversian Wand wouldn't fit in there.

Also don't break a Stratoversian's arm. Good to know.
@Voomser: Then Indigo wouldn't have pulled out his Wand. Remember he's a "Stratoversian" too and he pulled his wand out into the open. I think that'd be a little uncomfortable to do if your wand was internal or sewn onto your skin.
Methinks he doth protest too much.
The more I hear of Otto's Dad in Hindsight and listening to his dialogue the more I wanna kick is ass up and down a street.
But Cirrus is wearing Baggy sleeves and Nim has Skin-tight Opera Gloves on. Both feel like they'd be noticeable with a good gesture (well Nim's would stick out like a Pencil under a pair of tights I'd think)

I dunno I'm being Contrarian right at the moment it feels too obvious to be the truth.

Edit: Wait a sec I see Rylie Striking that Makoto Dangan Ronpa Pose.
How very Pheonix Wright... Or I suppose Dangan Ronpa of you CQ

Okay by that logic the Stratoversian "Wand" would have to be an article of clothing. Something that would be easy and not hinder movement but would be hard to "Drop" unless physically removed from the body. So... By that logic what do All Stratoversians wear that could indicate a "Wand"?
This Probably has nothing to do with this current story but I'd reccomend "The Enchanted Forest Chronicles" just for the Dragon King Kazul. Who is a Female. And a King.

.... Dragon King Castalia? :P
Rylie be Mythbustin' :P