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The Pharoah's Curse is what made the the Shower floor so dang slippy! XD
@That Blobfish Girl: It just rounded the Cape and will return to the shore at RAMMING SPEED just you wait
@Lance: SON OF A BUSICUTWEASEL! CQ had it hinted in Indy's colour scheme this whole time!! DX
Ice Cold Judgy-Baby. Iiiiiice cold.
This is the reason why the Guards were my favourite characters in Archipelago. X3
Well actually remove either the Tie, the Sweater Vest or Both and you could get away with it.... Look less like a Purple Mr. Rodgers anyway. =w=;
Where's the Exorcism Stick? I think this is a worthy use of it!
Death is a Dog Lover. You are so Screwed.
Oh Lordy How is Wallis going to feel when he find's out Assistant lost her leg? D8
@SpiralofDragon: I'm sorry to say I doubt very highly that Ulfr is going to get very upset. I'm betting rather he tries to get "Close" to Ireth because of Vesperia. After all the only other Night Fury in the village belongs to the Chief, I imagine Vesperia's going to attract a lot of attention no matter what.
Martin was Unprepared for the Unisex Naked Cuddle Puddle :P
@JustSomeGal: Probably running around and terrorizing their aunts and uncle. I get the impression they lived somewhat sheltered lives before meeting the boys.
Alright why has no one commented on that hilarious face Kane is making in the last panel? that "WTF IS THiS?!" Face. I love it soo
This isn't going to end well I think.
@Nemo Curat: Steve used that on the Octopus the size of a small City. I think he may be in trouble.
A Va-cay sounds like just the thing. Have a nice trip! :3
@Mistress0fDragons - No It's kind of flying over my head too and I just woke up for the day. at this point I'm willing to throw up my hands and say Nuts to everything.
The only conclusion I can reach is that witches like to make things Needlessly complicated.
Steve does not approve of your nonsense.
I guess Kane's side of the family is a lot bigger than anyone realized :P
@Wilder king : Also what's it going to do to a species inclined heavily towards violence? I hate to mention "Prime Directive" but in this case it would probably be heavily justified in its use.