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Darth AWQ
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You just pulled off the Robotic equivalent of Open-Heart Surgery with little more than Spit and Bailing wire Otto m'lad. that Adrenaline Crash has got to be a bugger (With a Wounded leg no less holy crap)
Conflicted Shalalas are the worst Shalalas! DX
@mystic-malevolence: I wouldn't jump the gun just yet. Rylie also shares the Skin tone of the people of the Echoverse. (Well maybe Rylie's a bit lighter but I just don't wanna assume by one hand)
I *Did* think that was fishy, usually when you hit a girl in the undercarriage you have to be a lot more precise than Wesley was.

... Okay now with that stated why is a guy dressing up as a woman so he can get it on with a married man?
If he had a beer on him right now, Steve would be asking these guys to hold it.
@Ophelia Rose: Nope. Dollars to doughnuts that's a Lightning Burn which tend to look like cracks.

..What's more impressive is that it's on her FACE. She took a lightning strike to the FACE.
I have a feeling this probably happens a lot....maybe in the future you should consider not using White Witch Mode when there's people over the age of forty in the vicinity.
Whuh-oh. A fully charged White Witch. this cannot end well.
@Ophelia Rose: they still need the ground just for food needs. I'll bet you anything the majority of the trees are fruit-bearing or have sap for making goods (Pine sap can be used to make turpentine for example)
Pretty! Also, Somewhat Concerning!
. . . What?

Wait a hopping sec, this took me several days but is this guy trying to re-create Kane's trip to Circe's place?
It's usually not a wise idea to vex a queen boys.
I get the very strong impression that this man uses his head only for holding his Hat.
This may sound crazy but. . . I think Rylie is the Dark Overlord.

Just hear me out, I've noticed the person in Rylie/Assistant's dreams happens to have a very similar skin tone to our Heroine, but at the same time there's the fact she's sharing the same Nightmare as the Colour-People without actually changing shade... and the fact she can alter her magic acording to colour-coded spells is heckin' fishy too. Basically my Brain is thinking

Dream person=D.O.
D.O.= A fondness for black but still has something to do with multiple colours
Person who has most in common with D.O. = Rylie/Assistant/Poor girl needs a damn break for once

Something's up with everybody's favourite assistant and I wanna know what! XD
@LKWayvern: Do you mean in the Gloomverse or IRL? Because I can confirm there is a Mountain named "Amadeus" in the real world... Somewhere in the LA Area, Someone will have to confirm.

Frankly the closest Association I'm getting is Mozart.. Hobo Busts out a Guitar and rocks out loud! XD
Confirmed Mooching Hobo is Harold n' Wallis' Dad-Unit :P

... Wait Mooching Hobo's name is "Amadeus"? ....So tempted to make a "Rock Me Amadeus" joke.
... This makes Harold and Wallis' fear about the birthday thing make so much sense now.
@Ryoukon: They do talk like an old couple...yanno when they actually talk n'such.
Westley is ready to do a Murder. O-o
@mystic-malevolence: The fact he's sporting Shadow The Hedgehog Coloration probably is a contributing factor as well :3