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Assistant this is a terrible idea and you know it, I hope you know a spell that does soft landings.
Bad Spooky Snake! No Soup for you!
Wait a Cotton Picking Minute... Something's fishy here

I do not believe that- for a guy who helped a disabled individual find work, who royally Spazzes if he thinks he forgot his mom's birthday, and demands explenations for why his Boyfriend broke it off with him in College- suddenly caught a case of Nihilism.

I'm callin you out Wallis. What's your beef?
She does not appreciate you scaring the Scaly-child Yon Purple Eyeball People.
Zizack used Intimidate!

Aaahhhhhhhh....... *Worried Puppy Whine* 8<
Sounds like Westley was trying to get Cat to chill before the Bugs Bunny Shenanigans began.

...So lets commence with the Bugs Bunny Shenanigans!
That is an Uncomfortable amount of Eyeballs you have on your Cloak there Buddy...
The Tree Melted. That's not a good thing
So That was the Price Hero paid for Assok. What a sweet thing to do. Very Tolkien-Esque I approve.
Visceral Fear makes a lovely Repellent, when it isn't followed by Animalistic pummeling.
To be fair... Does Cat's former master still live? I grant you Cat's still fairly young but after at point I have to wonder if Cat's while justified terror of this man might be more...Self-Inflicted.
@Aurasoul: No absolutely now. Sounds like this whole issue might be the cause of some bad feelings and it wouldn't be fair to proceed without them getting resolved.

Plus I think half the Gloomverse fandom is quietly going rabid about how these two were a couple. THE FANS HUNGER FOR BACKSTORY!
Zizak used Charm...?
And Hero expresses the thought I have had about RGB ever since I first saw him ages ago on Deviantart. Gratifying to have it finally explained though
Pearl dear, do not fear. for it appears our local shitposter has discovered quality control :P
Someone Hug Assistant, shes' freaking out.
Itzak: the medieval Shitposter.