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video games nuff' said
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You all seem to forget, Luigi is in there too.
He has returned! !
I'm sorry I just have to.
You have to hand it to her, she can keep calm no matter what happens. I also like how subtle the humer is, most authors can be a bit heavy handed with the diolouge at times like these,I say lets give Alohilani a big hand.
Wait, does that mean KiLA lost an arm?!
September 30th, 2011
he doesn't look as much angry as evil
it doesn't have to be the mother it is always best to get a new cat before losing the old one because the old one will train the new one
A lobotomy would be imposible, his hair would eat the tools.
No really, GB's hair and eyes are yellow, he wears yellow, his door is yellow. If he has something he has it in yellow.
I changed his intro I hope you don't mind but, he IS my character. And also you took the JPEG version That I uploaded by accident.
Oops I guess I submited it in jpeg let me go fix that.
Damn, harsh, not only is GB yellow but he also controls light.
@kwane: Actually all I took was a base, my character looks simaler to the old one but not that close. send me a link to the one you saw and ill see what I can do.
@kwane: Thief am I? Tell me what does your character look like? Yes I admit I took a main base from online, and recolored it for my own use. But, juging from your avatar you have no right to say its theft. Mr. Sonic Clone
Nuyt's Biography
Nuyt is GB's cat. She has the ability to grow in size to about the size of a black panther. Nuyt is very quiet and easily overlooked, if you see her it is because she wants you to. She has control over a demon known only as "The Evil Angel" information on why or how is not known.
GB's Biography
Actuall age consists of 187 numbers, sufice it to say he stopped aging when he was ten.
His ability's are: minor tempature control, illusionism, and the ability to know more than he probably should, this is wieghed down by the fact that any attempt at a lie causes his entire brain (including life suport) to shut down for a few seconds.
GB's cloak is actually a malliable portal, he has angelic wings that can, in an instant, harden to the cosistancy of diomond with a razor edge.
He is over optimistic and is by all acounts, completely insane.
It makes you wonder, what language does the mother speak?
The same way I say "I am Dave exclamation mark yognaut".
Are you looking to sell the hat?
Yeah it is definatly an imunity to magic I'm just confused about how the egg charm worked on her
My theory is that what ever is left of the zombie's brain is telling it to find nutrience in order to heal it's decaying body. As the brain is the most important part of the body that needs to be healed first, and thus what better place to get the nutrience for the brain, than the brain itself. Thats my theorie at least.