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here for the shonen-ai :D
hope i have the discipline to make my own doujinshi someday...
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words cannot possibly discribe my insane love for this comic.
who knew pikachu was such a little rapist?
i love voltorb now. he's the shit dude. yes!
you draw human meowth so well!
does this mean that pokemon can make all humans into pokemon?? like ash and misty too??
lol when i first saw what voltorb transformed into i was
but the crazy bastard has totally grown on me. voltorb = win
i'm with you
third panel = epic win
pikachu...just in time
epic win. pikachu is still kinda huge lol but win none-the-less
how could you possibly ever lose fans with this! maybe their computers died and their accounts were deleted. only logical explaination. this is pure epic win.
love how you're drawing ash now, he has a more defined look, different from the other dudes and it works with the tv show ash. win.
i always knew psyduck was smarter than misty gave him credit for <3
it makes sense he was proving that he crossed a line when he kissed pikachu like pikachu did when he kissed ash. it changes the situation from friendship to something more complicated,
surely pikachu understands the concept of boy/girl boy/boy relationship anyway? he needs to be sensitive.
misty is so fucking lucky.....she gets a delicious man and a show!
psyduck is so wise...
apparently, misty didn't expect it either. love her expression.
loves the freak out panel lol poor ash has had a difficult day...
lol awkward
i love confused ash! he has such conflicted feelings...gorgeous
i'm pretty sure i blacked out for a moment after seeing this.
you do a great portrayal of misty :D
human-psyduck/misty is like a perfect pairing. they have so much chemistry in the show. a very love hate relationship.
love the pointing panel lol pwn
so jealous of misty right now...
i like how you have each of pikachu's words in a different bubble, makes it seem like he's still awkward with his human speech lol he's right though.