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I love anime and manga, although I do have some trouble keeping up with all the new stuff coming out. Currently I've been watching Soul Eater, Hetalia, and I just started Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood.

I also draw chibi-style characters from various anime as well as a couple of other places. My most recent work was Spirit Albarn/Deathscythe from "Soul Eater", and before that was the two main characters from USA Network's "White Collar".

As for my webcomic, my goal is to create a story that will show what it truly means to follow Christ. Each of my characters has a little piece of me in them, and I hope to be able to continue working on the story and develop them well enough that you could believe they really exist somewhere. Sure I'm not the perfect Christian, but I'd like to think I have some idea of what it means to serve God. :-)

So that's a little bit about me. I hope you enjoy my story!
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@CasteKeys19: Yep, I'm still here! Just moving a bit slowly, as a lot of things in my life have changed in the past few years. :)
Thanks for the encouragement!
@Vertous: I have the whole rest of the chapter done - I just need to actually ink and tone the pages. I have the story planned out even further than that. :)
Unfortunately I have a lot going on in my life right now, so it's going to be on hold again, at least for a couple of months. I'm in the process of moving, and I need to take care of that first. I'll be back as soon as I can though! :)
@Vertous: It's a name that's part of my family lineage - that's why I chose it. :)
@Netbug: Thanks - hopefully I'll get quicker on page updates again! :D
@linki789: Hehe, thanks. I never really left - I just had some changes in my life that took away a lot of the time I had to work on this. I'm slowly getting things back in order though. :)
So sorry!
Sorry it took me so long to post a page since the last. A few things have changed in my life and I don't have the same amount of time to work on it as I used to. I definitely plan on continuing, and I hope to have pages up more frequently again soon. Thanks so much for your patience and support! :)
Sorry about that...
@MasterComic - Yeah, I have a lot of other responsibilities to attend to, so I don't get as much time as I'd like to work on it. I'm trying, though! :P
Yes, it is a Christian comic. :)
Thanks for the comments everyone. And yumecosmos - thanks for the compliment on panel 3. It took me forever! :)
Thank you!
@yumecosmos - Thank you so much for the compliments! I'll be bringing the Adrian story out little by little. In the meantime, page 10 should be up in the next day or so. :)
Chibi Gianna!
This is a chibi version of Gianna.
This is a chibi version of Adrian.
Chibi Jaden!
Also something I'm working on for NY Anime Festival, this is Jaden drawn chibi style. Also hoping to make a charm of him.
Chibi Krista!
I thought I'd show you some of what I've been working on lately, in preparation for NY Anime Festival. Here's chibi Krista, which I hope to make into a charm.
Yeah, I figured someone would say that. ;)
....something like that... XD
Sorry for the tiny print! I couldn't really fit it without covering too much of the picture if I made it bigger, and if I make the image bigger, you lose the effect of the tone and it just looks like dots... :(
This one took a while. :D
I'm glad you like it! :D
Very cool comic so far! I look forward to more. :D