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Soldier One-Four-One
I am a co-author and creative assistant with the webcomic Ryak-Lo. I can't draw to save my life.
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@super chao: Unfortunately Hasbro didn't take the pitch well. We may have been slightly premature in advertising.
@super chao: You've ANALised it? I'm not sure I like the sound of that. :P
Remember kids, as long as poses like that are possible, smoking will always be cool.
That's what he gets for wearing a cheap-ass paintball mask!
At the risk of sounding all Command and Conquer...

"Time will tell. Sooner or later. Time will tell."
This has come up elsewhere, it's a colloquialism on Sakkarra's part. Nothin' to worry about. :)
As I was saying to Nick, it must be an insurance nightmare!
There is NOTHING in this world that cannot be solved without the appropriate amount of firepower.
If you've seen every single page so far, you've definitely seen him before. :)
For serious situations.
Nope, this is definitely not Gane. Brinn makes his first appearance in Kodo's origin story. All will be revealed in time. :)
I wouldn't hold your breath. :P
Welcome to the world of MacGuffin. :)
Oh, I guarantee that you don't want to be on this particular list.
Hooray! Plothole resolved. :P
To be honest, I would've thought it was clear that Tremayne is a member of the same armoury as most Final Fantasy characters, that provides all heroes with an invisible, weightless, limitless container with which to contain all of their equipment.
Caseless ammunition. The cases falling from the weapon is your imagination. :P
@ FuryBlaze
He's a boy. :P
Oh don't worry. We've prepared for that eventuality also.