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Oh gosh the first pokemon game I played was Pearl (I'd been a fan of the anime as a little kid but somehow didn't realize there were games until middle school) and I used my master ball on a freaking chingling
Avatar state yip yip~
*remembers the last time I was told something might sting a little*

:/ Yeah that wasn't pleasant.
Yay bunneh, we can fly away to the moon where all the bunnies live making moon cakes and live happily forever~
*sparkle eyes*
I seem to have no concept of time when I'm drawing. Oh that? It was just a few minutes. NO IT WAS 4 HOURS
Whaaaaaat noooooooo
There was one extra person though. They could have miscounted. Maybe? No okay TT_TT
@Nja: That would be funny actually XD
Like when Misty thought Psyduck had evolved, but it was actually a different random Pokemon that liked to impress girls.
It's because he just couldn't resist Ink's adorability.
Poor Naoki I just wanna give him a hug.
They grind up Mother Dove's magical feathers in the Disney fairies books lulz.
YAAAAAAAAY You're back from the dead~

Wait... you're not a zombie are you?


*runs around in circles and then hugs Jun*
Seeing the tiny version of this page on the comic profile I thought at first that was a stack of giant pancakes.
Tragic backstory time?
My vote is it's a game set in some strange world without pokemon. The animals there don't seem to have any special powers, nor do ten year olds venture out into the world trying to become stronger by battling with them. What is this madness?
The expressions on this page!
Nobody disturb the piles of people!
I want to climb that beanstalk now. Don't tempt me with signs.
Hehe reminds me of that episode of my life as a teenage robot when Brad joins Skyway Patrol and the ridiculous amounts of paperwork involved.