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I hate the hackerz!

Now you can find me on Youtube as KirbytheBest1!!!!!!!!!
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    Am I that stupid? I won't tell!
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Where's Digi's meme?
Maybe that should be a banner.
My ears are going to explode cause of Rick-Roll! Wait, I don't have ears. But how can I hear? Well, atleast I can hear him singing!
Now, shove it to the profile, 'cause I'm gonna party! :D
These are my sprites, so add me to the banner please.
>Pinguino: Look at shiny and stealz it! :3
>Plokman: Runs with Pinguino.
>Knuckles: "Get back here with my emerald!"
Make rooms please!
This is my intro, and I am epic!
Hey, parrish, can my team be characters in the comic?
Follow the rules, and I will give you some pie! Post the sprites before June 9th on the comic.
Oh, I see it now, but why isn't it at the top yet?
I don't see any differences.
Comic based off of a video on Youtube called "Shadow The Hedgehog Is Happy". Here is the link: