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Yay! Update! ^_____^ You just made my day! :D
AHah, I already like the new chapter! ^_____^ lolz Mr. Stalker....
XD AW! Congrats! lolz, that's so exciting! If it ever comes out it America, I'm so buying it! ^___________^
UPDATE! XD You have no idea how happy this made me!!! I never thought I'd see another update! T_T
Oh Yay! Update!!! :D I can't wait till Sunday now! :3
haha, Jay is so cute! I just love this comic! ^________^
Omgosh, you just made my day! ^_________^ <3 HaHa, I think I've come back to smackjeeves to read just this page at least five times today! :D
O_____________O MMMMM..... I likey this page.... ^___^
OMGosh, this comic makes me laugh so hard, I love it! ^_^
I really do love this art style! ^_^ It's so... ARTSY! :D lolz
Oh! ^_^ Once your done with 'Forced Seduction', you HAVE to make a second one! :D It would make me the happiest person EVA! :3
Gwah! They're both so kewt! ^_^