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AHHHH. I love Minako. ...not sure if it's a girl crush or a real crush anymore...
that last panel KILLED. you killed it. HNGH. SO GOOD!!
you're back!
awesome! and that Rei panel is my favourite Rei of yours, yet!
Those hands are AMAZING. I bow before your skillful hands.
these last two comics were the best, ever. Haruka is the best. Mako is the best. NEPHRITE IS THE BEST. ahahahaahahah
That last panel is like the best panel, ever.

Also, love the Halloween pictures!
so awesome!
so awesome! eeeeeeeeeeeeee
I really liked the explanation-- especially how Minako thinks she's so down with American pop culture.
mmm butts!
LOL! That answers my question!

Yay Halloween event!!
Will they turn back into humans?!

PS. that tiger is FIERCE.
Have your cake and eat it too!
...Do you want to be 12 again because if you were still 12, that would've given you two more years to wait in anticipation until one unassuming morning, sometime during your 14th year, you'd discover your calling to BECOME A SAILOR SCOUT OMG and you would kick unmeasurable amounts of ass? and defeat the forces of evil? while also (screw canon) find true love with your general from your past life?! ;lfsdak ......because that's more or less how I've felt after every birthday since I turned 15...8 years ago. cough.

BUT HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D go party like it is.

Meanwhile, I can't wait to see how this date turns out...
that tongue to-ton-ton tongue
Even though this is post-tablet break, it is AWESOME. I'm just excited for Minako's entrance! giggety
LOL at the shirt ripping

Again, your updating skillz are awesome... and there's nothing strangely appealing about a flustered Kunzite- because it IS appealing. I mean, come on. Kunzite.

Your knack for updating is still awesome- I'm used to reading fanfic that updates maybe twice a year :(

Are we going back to who met with Makoto soon?? (Totally have been re-reading/skimming through the whole thing...again, hahah)
don't be sick! sick sucks!
I love the background of the first panel- especially the one in the bottom right corner <3 haha

Feel better! :D
Happy Anniversary! love the title page
not a lurker!

Two comics in a row! Hot diggety! ...And since Koan just made her appearance, is it safe to assume that Petz was the one who complimented Makoto in the previous page??
love the ink look!