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The Stick Man of Smackjeeves
I am stick/spriter. You can now find me on Youtube by the name TheGermelofSJ!
>Keep walking and get trapped.
Yes it is now we jump! *jump*
Time to JUMP!

*Goes jump*
Knuckles: OH NO! MY EMERALD!IT IS BROKEN! *heads to get the pieces*
Shadow: I KILL YOU!
Mario: OH SNAP! WHERE IS Silver!? HE'S DEAD!
Something like this is probably going to destroy Amy.
>They become wanted by the police and then wear fancy mustaches
P.S. What's the thing called to that?
It's MY unbirthday today also! Happy Unbirthday everyone!
I thinks it's a good design

Now my command is
>Get some pie.
maybe Doc is from an different universe!
Boom Pikachu + Gengar Boom = No other Boom surviving!
These are Beta's sprites EARLY!

I'll make more!
This is my sister in hedgehog form.
The second post went missing!