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Professional weeaboo and a cancerous individual in general.

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Sorry it's late. I forgot I ran out of pages. :P
Guess who's been watching Initial D? :3

Make sure to play this while you're reading:
Sorry it was late. Kinda busy last week. =w=;
@Harry IC: thanks man. glad you like it. :D
OK. Chapter 8, here we go!

Sorry, couldn't update last week. Things were extra hectic at work. :P

Basically, I co-founded a company last year, and we're scheduled to release an internal beta of our product before the year ends.

Anyway, I'll be trying a vertical format moving forward. The idea is to make the pages work better on mobile devices. Hope it works. :D

If anyone's wondering, the car in the background is supposed to be a Miata but I feel like I kinda screwed it up. Lol. I've recently developed an obsession with the car for some reason.
@princess_lom: there'll be pages each week until august. don't worry. :D
Kino = best girl
sorry fams, comic will be a little late today. had to take care of my ecsp exam.
<<== To Be Continued ==<<
play this music for that last panel:

thanks :^)
I definitely have to get on Tapastic some time.
@mappy41: What can I say, I like them aggressive women. Heheheh. :3
I definitely like this pairing better ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Edited cover
EDITED: Jan 2, 2017

Old cover sucked. Don't look for it. :P
Your next line will be: "is this a JoJo reference?"
Happy New Year!
Almost went back to being dead there for a moment. Been really busy this holiday season. Anyway, here's the first page for the new year, fresh from the drawing tablet!

I really need to colour the cover picture.
oh yes. i like where this is going ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
I ran out of pages. This is the last one for now. I'll start making more once I finish the new cover for this comic.
doge! <3

awwwww no mountain pass racing then. :(

I'm glad you're still making progress after all this time. Hahaha. As for me, not so much. lol. Work's been really killing me. Hahaha. Anyway, best of luck! :D