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My Scanner is being an ass. :( I'm no good at computer art since I don't have good editors. So I got two pics from google. XD They are unattended minors... On a plane. :)
Agreed. And I like it... The Sims 2 Pets! <3
o_o Random Comment: My name is TASHa. O-o
November 8th, 2006
Guess what happened! ... Horrible, horrible :( lol :)
Le Gasp
Don't Follow your own footsteps! :O o_o = I have no readers :( .. Well maybe one or two strays ;(
'the better to touch you with' Tweee! <3
Sorry... Its... HUGE. o-o
Personally I'm proud of the face I drew in the last panel.. Makes her look her age... acctually yeah.. Shes really rude in the picture... whee!
Edit: In the 4th pannel the red is bad and purple is good.. Devil/Angel stuff

AND also the e-mails are REAL people... acctually they know their part in this soooo.. e-mail them for a responce! lol!

They are my friends so they are o.k. with the e-mails... Mellisa is another friend of mine -her name isn't Mellisa- but she has an e-mail that would be suitable.
agreed. :)
lol! :) ..'crud'
Edit Edit Edddiiittt!! Whee! I typed the words so you can acctually READ it!.. Like always the drawing sucks... loL!
Woooooot! Finally a title!!
-drew this on the bus-
:P If any questions.. :x