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I make things up and sometimes I draw them.
Sorry, only one page, and it's late. Things are in turmoil offline right now, I've said it elsewhere so I don't feel like going into detail here.

I'll try to keep up with this, though.
HAHA DERP remind me not to type directly into Photoshop 8|
bathory has dainty feet.
Hi again.
Oho! Some little dorkwad!
Thanks so much!

And ahhh hm. He's a great artist but I don't keep up with his work that much, so I guess... I'm inspired by some stuff he's done but I wouldn't say I'm that influenced? Idk! I don't mind if it looks that way though, it's a great compliment.
Whoops! Haha. I'll fix that right up! Thanks for pointing it out.
ahaha man I only just started, and these were posted just today :U you didn't miss anythin!
And so ends the intro!
Introduction is complete. I hope you enjoyed it! Part I is called Proheme and will begin next time I post. Still figuring out the schedule, hah, because I'm that disorganised. I'd like to post two times a week, so maybe... Monday? I'll get back to you on that.
oh my hello there.
more of the same~
I kinda like this one y:
doop doop
oh boy
This is just a ~*promotional*~ image (does that word make me pretentious?), the original has some text next to it but I decided not to include it here on account of it eluding to things I'm not yet ready to reveal. If you really want to find it, it's on my dA page.

Anyway... yeah! Just a taste of the art style and what to expect.