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Jude K.A. Boi
Shit does anyone read these things? XD
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Cool an update!


what did Casey think that Abigail was gonna do? O.o

Why the tamponini? Does it taste better or is it because it has more alcohol in it? And do you like yours shaken or stirred?
Oh well. Was nice while it lasted.
Understood. People may think that's the whole point and miss out on the real theme(s) of the comic.
bet the cabbie's wishing he'd just stayed in bed today and pretended to be sick.
Totally worth it.

lol incorrigible.
hmmm, i started mine off by making myself look like a jackass...
Best friends are usually like that... it's a wonder how they lasted this long without one murdering the other.
Heard of Cock Sparrer, but never heard them. not bad.
sun tzu(guest) is a bit hard on Gail. I mean the morality that the guest puts forward is a luxury Gail can't afford anymore.

What Gail is doing is bred of frustration, and nurtured by the acquisition, however unintentional, of the powers she now uses. Nothing has been easy for her. She became frustrated cause she saw people like Amber getting all the breaks in life and she felt like she kept getting kicked around. So naturally this is a likely course for her take, upon receiving her powers.

And on another note, I'd like to say i do find it refreshing and interesting that she takes this route rather then being hero, whether Gail's a goody two shoes or a bad ass like she is in this story. In the Spider Man comics, and other comics, the protagonist upon receiving their powers come to the conclusion that Peter Parker did, "With great power comes great responsibility", and act the hero. Whereas Gail, more in line with say, the villains or even the so called hero The Incredible Hulk, take a more selfish route. though she becomes a villain and wants to ride her powers for as long as the last, like any villain would, and the Hulk selfishly sought a cure for the monster inside.

Anywho, i find that sun tzu's conclusion a bit rash and ill informed (not to mention coming from a naive black and white moral stance) and that Gail's approach to her powers is both understandable (though not commendable) and refreshing.

Sorry for making such a long and weird comment on the comic. XD
Wait, i think you just described the modern emo sterotype. XD

that segment was such an over simplification of what punk rock was. Little did they know the influence on modern music and culture it would have.

The shooting didn't do him in, so i guess it's time for round two!
It's brewed in the Schells Brewery in New Ulm in southern Minnesota, which is a half hour away from here. It's probably impossible to find outside of the region.
Laughy McLaughstein... XD
i prefer MGD and a local brew called Hauenstein.
Huh, kinda V for Vendetta-esque...
Lasers... out of her nipples... what the hell is wrong with his head? XD
Productive indeed. XD

Diji is so cute!
Sparkly is happening...
Damaged, definitely the best effort, though Slip it in and The Process of Weeding out EP were both excellent. But Damaged is my favorite as well.