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I'm a super Anime freak whether it's regular or yaoi.
My future dream is to become a singer and an manga artist. My friend told me about this web site and I love it. The mangas in here are giving me new ideas for my own. My favorate anime of all time are Naruto Shippuden, Air Gear, Gravitation, and Kiba the animated series. I'm bi-sexual and currently single. I look forward to reading everyone's creation.
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    Johnathon Marquez
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First order of business, I'm so sorry you're feeling so down. I wish I could make you feel better. Second of all, I'm really glad you liked the songs enough to add the links to your update. I finally have studio time to start recording my music in Florida around March so soon enough I will add music to the songs and you'll be the first to get them. The more twist and turns you add in the story the more songs I write about it. Keep up the good work.
Your story loks like it'll be very interesting. :) Keep it up dude.
Maybe he's Haseo's evil twin. lol You did a good job though. He just looked familiar that's why I asked.
Merry Christmas Leah!!!! :3 Hey I thought you were going to add the links to the vids on youtube. I gave you the ok?
Did you base the shinigami dude off of Haseo from .Hack//G.U.?
I missed you and I missed the characters. :)
Maybe there's a big reason why he can see you. Maybe it's the eyes of love. :) lol
Yikes! :( How the mighty have fallen. This page made me sad. I feel sorry for Kodo. *Tears*
@ Himitsu: He better find love in his heart or I'll get my bazooka and blow his ass up *Evil laugh* :)
I'm sad now. I wanna cry. :( DAMN YOU MAKO!!! You know you liked the kiss anyways
@Profanity00 I agree with you but there could be surprises waiting or the dent isn't big enough. We'll find out soon.
OMG I finally caught up with the story. :) It took me four days to catch up. This story is so bad ass and i love every minute of it. It's giving me ideas for my own story and I thought of some stuff on this one too but I guess I'll have to keep them to myself. Anyways great job to you guys I do hope for the best in you all.
Why are you disagreeing? You are cute when you babble. Maybe it's just me. lol X)I'll still give you a copy of the book when it finally gets published. The wedding is going to be very special. I love my Fiance so much. :) I finally sent you the 4th Lost Love song so i hope you like it.
It was just an idea about putting my book on SJ but I see your point so I won't I'll just stick with trying to get it published. Can't let my own fans down. Thanks for the compliment about me getting married. I'm so excited. We're getting married in vegas and have a big celebration.
Thanks for the advice or trying to give me advice. You're cute when you babble like that. lol I agree with everyone on this update. Daniel is showing a side of him that we never saw before.
First off sorry to hear about your grandpa. I'm still working on the new lost love song but right now I have writer's block on the song. I'm half way finished though but I'm going to take some time away from it and finish it when I have a good idea on how to end it. I'm working on other songs and my book. I'm thinking about putting my book here on smackjeeves. Anyways I love your update.
The last three pages inspired a new song out of me! x) It's called "Friend or Foe". If you want I can send this one to you too so you can have the full set.
The clothes reminds me of Phineas and Ferb that I watch with my 5 year old
the word Witch Doctor comes to mind when I see this pic. lol