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That flash was so adorable!
At least he's not getting anybody pregnant.
hahahah I loled so hard!!
awwwww, this is so cute. lol the couch is big haha (:
That fan video is sooo cute lol (:
Awww, this is suck an adorable page!
I love your comics...!!
I live in Michigan...ewwwww
This has got to be one of my favorite comics I've should get it published! I would totally buy the books if you did! This story is amazing and I will be sad to see it end!
awww soooo freakin CUTE!
When is the next page gonna be up??

I really like this comic.
awww this makes me wanna cry! ; A ;
such a happy-sad story!
Your song Uka doesn't play...just thought I'd mention it.
The music is so beautiful! It really does fit in with the story. Tank you for the music!
This was so cute!
I am so glad Ariel punched that jerk!
He was being such an ass to Eric.
I am liking the comic so far!

haha nice song! It's a good one!
awww, poor Eric!
Charles was being so mean.
I can just see that Eric is going to run into Ariel since he is running around the corner XD
Oh boy.
He crashed into the vase!
It is so cute though.
I can't wait to see what happens next!!
AWwww, that's so mean.
I can't believe Emery to Eric to keep his distance like that. He is soo mean. Poor Ariel!
I would so buy if you published!
I really like this last page OMG!
sooo freakin' cuuuteee~
awuuahhh so sweet!
I think it looks adorable.
I can't wait to read on.