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I am a contradiction of myself... =w=;
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What are you doing?
I hope you haven't been seeing him in our apt... I have to leave my door open for Devi DX(
@azigay: I believe she works at the cafe, if I'm remembering correctly :3
This comic reminds me of...
My roommate and her boyfriend =w=

I get to enjoy free comedy at least~
Well damn...
And here she thought she was almost home free of Zoshi...

Oh well~ ;3
I have completely read through your comic in one day & I absolutely love it.

The feels, man, the feels... Makes me want to do my own story :3
Late comment but...
I think Kea looks better with her hair down :3
This reminds me of...
Hatoful Boyfriend :3
I had just gotten on Smack Jeeves today after a long absence, looked at your comic & saw it hadn't been updated for 5 months, then BAM! New update! :3

That puppy is seriously too cute...
Me: *looks to my own puppy* WHY CAN'T YOU BE ALL FLUFFY AND PANTY AND CUTE, YUKO?!
Yuko: *stares at me with her big brown eyes* (She's a little chihuahua~)
Me: ...F*cking love you...
I got on today and my heart stopped for, like, 5 seconds when I saw that RPS was updated. >w<

I'm sorry for having missed your other update, would've like to have said hello first on that one, but I'm so happy that you're back! X3
February 29th, 2012
I'm just gonna stop now and say:

What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuck? ?O.o;?
Oh sh*t...
What's she gonna do? O 3O;

& MURR!! OAO I didn't see the first part of the incentive! TTMTT
Hey hey~ ;3 How you been girl?
My Goodness...
Someone is not happy in his position~ CB) But damn, it's been a long while since I've been on SJ at all.

So happy I came back to DeSTRESS~
Lol, as soon as I saw "Ventura" I instantly thought of "Ace Ventura" too! XD

Btw, I love the new banner! :3
*insert fangirl squeal*

Donny is so damn key-ute~♥ >//w//<

Happy your wrist is better! :3
Yeah, cuz tapping on the window isn't creepy at all. B3

I feel the same. Dani should not be asking her to the social. That face he made... just no. I hope Kea declines & the fencer asks her later...♥?
It is so like a child to want everything to go their way... =w=;

Simon is right, Nilus, you're just being stubborn. = 3=;

Sergio, you are so cute~♥ >//w//<
The second panel...
Is Jet's seduction pose =//w//=

I'll snuggle with you Jet~♥