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And here I am, again X3
Mark and Jake are looking for a bathroom... U__U
@EpicLexiPoo: Aw thank you! <3
Eheh...I won't do spoileeeeers :D
Not so much sure that the sentences in this page are correct...if you find something wrong please tell me <3 My english sucks a little! XD
By the way...I hope you like it!
@Metric_muse: aw, and I'm so happy you are in love! :3
I'll do my best for new updates!
@Metric_muse: ahahah Jake thanks! XD
@Metric_muse: Dereck is the younger brother! XD
But...a younger brother can't be taller than the older...? XD
@Nekkid Cuddles: thank you thank you! :3
@Shadako26: YAY! Thanks for helping! <3

And...yes! Because few days ago I saw on Facebook a girl I don't know who posted my comic on her profile... It gave me the inspiration to go on! XDDD
As always...if you find something wrong in my english, please correct me! X3
I have always doubts when I write the dialogs, especially when I have to translate the italian ways of saying... ç__ç
@Shadako26: ahahah sure, the beer helps! spoilers! :D
Finally the presentation!!! :D
@MEWfer: and I'm so glad you're still here reading my comic!
Thank you! <3
@Shadako26: thanks to you! X3
Two pages in two days...I'm proud of myself! XD
@KirePapa: awww thank you so much! <333
I was always looking at my comic thinking "I have to draw it I have to draw it I have to draw it" @_@
@dgoluver199990: I'm sorry, I started to work and the result has been no time for drawing!! T___T
HELL YES! I'M BACK!!! (I hope)
Finally I found my inspiration to start drawing again about my sweet and lovely Horny Children! <3
I'm sorry for the long delay, I will try to continue the comic as fast as I can XD
Unfortunately since I started to work the time dedicated to draw has been drastically reduced...when I come back home the only thing I want is to reach my bed...

Well...I hope you like this new page, I'm already working on the next one! +_+

ahahah this eclipse yourself had success X°D

@Skriptkitty: yeah, I know, but I tried to translate from the italian fiction we wrote. Neither in italian exists the word "eclipse yourself" XD, it's my friend who use it X°D

@sekichiku: <3 eheh
Aw thank you for the corrections X3 I'm gonna edit the page right now ♥'s difficult the translation from the italian XD With eclipse yourself we mean something like "disappear/go away" çAç

Eheh in my deviantArt gallery there's the answer to your thoughts. X°D All the drawings of Mark and Jake together! XD