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I like this way of thinking. I hear mass murderering is soothing to the soul.
@kevansevans: I agree, the colourful dreadlocks are nice and everything but just that plain black hair is even better... at least in my opinion.
@Daz Keaty: Well that depends on your opinion of worse, I mean it'd be pretty terrible in my opinion to have the name of a guy who dies a second later after having his name mentioned and being never truely remembered by people.
Thta doesn't sound like the worst way to be in a book.
I feel that for Shadow, watching the fireworks was a real challenge as a test of patience.
Since when has magic had to make sense to work? :D
@Daz Keaty: Oh right, I notice that now. Well it just means if he makes more 'mistakes' like that he'll get more food.
My reaction to such a thing would probably be similiar.... if I liked onions and knew what a baji is. Also isn't it the customers who are wasting the food? Warren was just doing his job.
Personally I don't like the Meow Wow all that much either. Though some of the other dream eater spirits are cool/kinda cute.
This would make such a wonderful anime.
Could it be some kind of god/demon of magic that has been sealed away in humanity, only showing signs of itself incredibly rarely and if made a deal with would grant one access to magic that could destroy the world?
Yay, Mooching Hobo is there. I know he isn't actually at the event (though he could have tried running there to see if he could help after the tv probably cut out) but I did wonder if she would think of Hobo.

This page is awesome btw.
Nuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu don't hurt Seaweed!
*Just realised Cake Girl's wand is a cake knife*
If Wallis' mum's wand craked from using too much magic and Cake Girl's wand isn't cracking but rather she is... does that mean she somehow 'fused' with her wand?
NOT A BOTTLE!!!!!!!!! Those things are rare as hell! there are usually only 4-6 bottles in the whole of hyrule! infact those things are so valuable one is locked away in a magical chest that follows Link around. Plus the bottle can also be used for fighting Ganondorf!

I guess that does explain why the glass is hurting them even after death.
Poor Assistant, maybe Wallis can use some 'magic' to give her courage?
@Luigi_96: I've been wanting to read the Archie series, though I couldn't find somewhere to read it. Is there a website you would reccomend?
Words can not begin to describe the sheer epicness of this performance.
ROLF! That is a Tsundere for you, poor Zelda getting picked on like that.

Also Sonic and Link would make an awesome team, Link could ride on sonic and hold his sword out while Sonic simply runs as his super speed.
That water looks awesome!
Plus it reminds me of Avatar:TLAB, which is an added bonus. :D