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Happy Tree
Hola, soy Oruguin, pero pueden decirme Tree si gustan.

Hello, I am Oruguin, but you can call me Tree if you want to.

Publicare Billy the bad luck kid aqui tanto en Español como en Ingles.

I will publish Billy the bad luck kid here in both English and Spanish.
By the way, now that the chapter is over there is going to be a short hiatus to do something about the irregular updates, this will give me some time to plan out better next chapter and maybe decide if I should return to a weekly page format.

Thank you for reading! See you soon
And so this chapter finishes.

Thank you a lot for your patience and for reading the comic, it will enter a short two week hiatus after this update to see if I can do something about the irregular updates.

See you in february 8! Take care.
There was a double update today! There is a page before this one.

Sorry for the delay, thank you for your patience.
Sorry for the delay, double update today, theres a page after this one.
@Tea_Tyme: Thank you! (Ah, maybe it was hard to notice, but... mr. monster ate Billy's body)
Happy new year! May this be a year full of wonderful things for all of you. Thank you for reading the comic!

Phew only 3 more pages until this chapter is over, after that... hiatus :0!
@gizumimipichu: Ah she is having a breakdown
Sorry for the delay, thank you for reading and for your patience.

By the way I think I am going to take a small hiatus after this chapter is over. Sorry!, but I hope it will help me to make a buffer and plan things better so that I don't have to skip updates as often next chapter.

Have a nice week!

Thank you for reading! Have a nice week
Jean's the name

Thank you for reading! Have a nice weekend
Love, gross

Also, I apolgize for the delay,

I don't like talking much about my personal life but I feel like I should explain myself a bit.

I got a new job and since a couple of weeks ago I've been struggling to get the updates on time. I really don't want to put the comic in hiatus so I hope you can bear with me for a while with the updates in kind of... uhh sketchy quality while I figure out what to do or how to manage to come up with better looking updates on time.

Thank you for everything and for taking some of your time to read my comic, I appreciate it a lot.

Take care and havea nice week.
Cheating is bad, wait, cheating at what?
Thank you for reading! Have a super nice weekend and take care.
Sorry for the delay, thank you for reading and have a nice week!

Thank you for reading! have a nice weekend.
@gizumimipichu: You will find out very soon
@gizumimipichu: Maybe.... (it also means that my english isn't that good haahah)
Hey everyone
Sorry for the lack of updates lately! I was going to make a post about it but... what's better than a new update instead of a post that is not going to advance the story? yeah... updates are returning as they were next week.
(Long story short... technical difficulties)

Thank you for reading! Have an amazing week
WHO IS THAT??? (How many times have I asked that this chapter?)

Have a nice week