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Hey Everyone!

My Name is Ebrahim!
I am A somewhat quiet guy and i think a bit shy:?..

There are alot of things i like, so i cant really narrow it down.. But i can tell you that ANIME IS "THE BEST!!"

You can also reach me by:, actually i would like someone to try sending me something through that address so if you can then do so.:)

I live in South Africa!

Now what don't i like.. Oh, school and teachers(sometimez)

My hobbies are: Building,Inventing & drawing ANIME!!

Ongoing Webcomics: "Pokomic-Spirit Comic"

Future Webcomics: "Vanish-Hand drawn Comic"

Well thats all there is to me.
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    Ebrahim isaacs
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Reunions.. Gotta love'em
Finally they've arrived at the side of Brendans father Norman. Now they might find out why they have been called upon by the Petalburg Gym leader. Wait I've noticed, there's some people missing :?

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Sweet Stupidity
What a great guy, buying candy without sharing with anyone! What was Brendan thinking!? Haha guess it counts to know what's what in the world of a trainer :P.

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Do what you have to do!
Hey there and Welcome back to POKOMIC! Things has yet again started to kick off for the gang as they make their way to petalburg. Kuroi finally catches his first pokemon and the gang are ready to get going. Brendan on the other hand is having some trouble conversing with these route folk haha. Anyway updates as usual people! ;)

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Long Lost Author
Hey guys.. It's been a while hasn't it.. Sorry about the untold stop for pokomic, i don't know if I just lost interest or I just got really bored of it. I really want to continue my story but i also started to plan for a manga I want to publish. Pokomic will continue but after I get everything settled on my side. Untill then don't lose faith in pokomic* Cya Then.
December 1st, 2011
Hey Izumi :)
I read this all the pages of this comic in just one day. I was really hooked onto the story line so i decided to keep reading;)
Anyway Great work so far keep up the good work! The art does need a few work here and there but it's good so far. Keep it up! ^_^
Hey, i like your drawing style:) T'is awesome;)
September 27th, 2011
Hey guys, I know i'm late, like really~ late.. I could tell you guys why but i doubt you'll believe me anyway.. And well looks like i lost 3 fans. Yeah that sucks hey.. Sorry that I've neglected the comics. Will do whatever it takes to make it up to the fans.

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Sorry for the hour late update..


-Ebrahim Isaacs
August 14th, 2011
Sorry guys:( I'll get it up by tommorow.
Haha, i'll fix that..

*Edit* Done:)
Case Closed
Well back to the storyline! Now we can continue to petalburg but first the annoying route that every trainer has to go through:[ Also meaning more battles! Hooray!;):(

-Ebrahim Isaacs
After the struggle to defeat golemon, the gang heads to the pokecenter to restore their fainted pokemon. Ebrahim is troubled about something to do with their battle. And Brendan is not really thinking straight either..

Hope you enjoyed today's page!:)

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Damn Date!
Sorry for the late update(Some of you early..) But something went terribly wrong with this update thing. I tried updating from another pc but it didn't work out as planned.. Again sorry.

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Haha, i always make my comic pages late:P Anyway i wanted to ask, who speaks first in this page?
Evasion Tactics
It doesen't look like golemon is getting off easy, and it looks like veemon is just messing with him! Who will win this battle!?

Enjoy today's Page!:)

-Ebrahim Isaacs
Battle Fury
Hey guys, how you liking the battle so far? This has been my longest battle I've made >_> and still continuing to make:P Anyway hope you guys enjoy the page! :D

-Ebrahim Isaacs
If you can i prefer you switch to PS. If you can't then try looking at this to enhance your MS Paint Spriting. :)
July 27th, 2011
Things are finally starting to light up for the gang and golemon is quiet worried about what might happen to him now.

Just a quick question guys, how are you finding the comic so far? I would like to know if i should make any changes thanks.

-Ebrahim Isaacs