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Rey Arkady
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The tooths Mic is wearing are human or dog ones (sorry for the weird question, but curiosity hit me)?

I love his collar in the last panel, I can't wait to see the rest of the outfit.
BAD, bad kitty!! How someone could dislike Martin?! °A°
Awww, thank you Deda! <3
Oh I love the second panel.
Rey Arkady
November 19th, 2012
I prefer B&W and grays for Enthrall, cause it's perfect for the story and allow more updates in the week. Maybe you could color only the "key moment" ones or the first one when you switch from Arin to Scarrow pages (I'd say the first one of every chapters, but I see this story isn't divided by chapters).

ça va sans dire I love Mindwash like it is.
I don't own a Comic, but I think they are spambot. I don't know how to get rid of them.

I like very much this page.
I hope Pea throw a shoe at them. >__<
Sacrilege! Poor, poor Martin, a pirate stole your precious first kiss (maybe ;-P)! Now no one will marry you!
I will take this "sacrifice" for your sake.
Rey Arkady
February 17th, 2012
Yay for the NON-COM avoidment!!

I istant faved your comix 'cause I like GOOD vampire stories.

Please open a DA/tumblr or something similar, where you post your drawings, 'cause I like your style.
@Eli: I agree with your suggestion.
Treasure room it's perfect for Martin.
Ok I checked, he precisely didn't say that he can't marry. So this is an assumption of mine that unconsciously became a fake true memory, sorry.
But I read his declaration of distance from family life and his (very) outcast background like a implicit declaration of "I love you, but I cannot (legally) marry you ".
She doesn't wear a ring 'cause she isn't legally married (Cat said theat He can't marry).
Kes wear it on the index cause the Doctor is jew, and the blue pearled one is so Pea.
I mistake Lio and Castalia, cause I thinked that the simplest ring would be Castalia's one. ;_;
Castalia, Pea, Lio, Callista, Kes?
"Endless dicks and balls. You know what that's called?"

She does not waste her time. XD
"Look in the old street!
It's a giant.
It's a (Calvin Klein) model.
It's Martin Steeves!"
Poor Josh (I'm sure Pea is very alright)! ç_ç
I see the quotation here. Smart girl Castalia!
Well, I'm not a big Foxy's fan, but I like this drawing very much.
If Pea hears him, I'm sure she'll cold stare him to death. You don't mess with Pea's honor. X'D