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Aah it's been so long ... but I was too busy. ._.
Sorry for the wait, I'll try to update faster in the future.

So, meet Dharc. :3
He's one of my favorites, even if he's just an - important - side character. ^^
Thank you for all the comments so far, and 22 fans already, I'm amazed. <3

To the questions:
I draw everything traditionally, using b4 manga paper, blue pencils and copic liners.
The only thing I use the PC for is the screentones, since they are really expensive to do traditionally, so I use Deleter ComicWorks.
For colored Illustrations like the cover, I use Painter Classic - the old MetaCreations version that came free with Wacom tablets years ago, before it went over to Corel ... I don't like the new painter versions and photoshop doesn't like me. ^^'

Well, on with the story, time to get some action into it. ^^