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yaoi, k-pop, YunJae, fan-pairings, crack-pairings, DBSK... I don't like serious drama genre of animes or mangas. Comedy and yaoi are my favorite. <3
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    Nayoung Kim
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oh lawdy..
it's almost been a year. i actually really love this collab but school has been preventing me from drawing for this whole year! ill be a senior by this summer and i'm going to draw a response to this page/villain. i just hope other collaborating artists read this and let me know if they want to revive this collab again-- at least for the summer vacation !! OR JUST REPLY TO THIS GUYS. LET ME KNOW YOU GUYS AREN'T DEAD OR EATEN OR SOMETHING //sobs --kimchiiburger
urgh i wanna post SO BAD NOW. ; v ;
i feel terrible cause i've been so inactive, i wanna drawwww.

im buried in so much homework and tests, ajsld;kfjskldf OTL someone help meee
Calisto's expression = PERFECT.
ilu so muchh <33
yeee you were practicing on drawing calistoo?? <333

you drew him perfectly, dont worry, i love ittt.
i have finals next week and im going to diee OTL

ill unload a page as a reply to this one as soon as i can. ; - ; (probably in 2, 3 weeks)
urgh, school is killing me.
i wish i can make this collab live too, but i think most of us are too busy with school. i hope that i can return successfully in the summer. ; - ;
noo your handwriting is SUPER neat. better than mine. my handwriting looks like a dudes. D;
lol cannibalistic much ??
he came out awesome ! you made him look so cool ~ <3
same here. i still wanna be active on this, but like everyone, i have school and grades to worry about. (especially since im in the sophomore year.. ; - ; )
ahahaha it'll be a huge bill then xDD

btw, this club is really inactive for a while now..
oh good, i was hoping that i didn't draw him weird !! xDD
(right to left.) PHFT.
he didn't actually do it. seriously.

(btw, Calisto's already ready to go to school.)
ZANIN, sexy art like always bby !! <333
i love how you drew Michel and man, i cant stop looking at Ifrit's stomach~ * A *
adjfk;lj i love this picture <33
and yeah, now that i think about it, i can imagine a strange relationship between them too lololll. S & M, much?? xDDD
i like him already !! <3

could Tor and Calisto be friends in the same college?
(except that he doesn't know that he's a hero until the time comes loll)
how did you make the colors like that?? ajdf;ljdskjf <3333
lolll its ok, the lizard man will be forgotten soon. man, iofe looks hot in such a badass way <33
for some reason, the death of the lizard man was comical for me lololl.

did you just use pencils on this page ??
ajdfk;ljsdfkj <33333
the coloring ~ !! 8D
Iofe looks sexy in such a bamf wayy ~ <33