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The kanji choice is intentional. It's not a mistake.
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Gene 2.0, now with 200% more youki....
Cloud Nine somehow has the money to hire a model for their uniform/merchandise, but doesn't have the money to provide said uniform to its employees for free.

Stuff that didn't fit:
+ Employees working with food have to wear an apron. Any apron (that is appropriate). Have a party.
* Haunted house:
+ The upper floors and back of the house is the employee dormitory for those who don't have a place to live. I'd rather you not live there unless you have a really good reason to XD;;
+ Also, the living areas aren't visible from the front of the building (blocked by trees)

** Game Booths:
+ Includes a Watergun battle area, ring toss, darts, anything you can think of. Prizes are usually stuffed animals or other toys.
+ Food stands are also littered around the park in a similar fashion.

There is a souvenir shop located in the Information building, and souvenir stands around the park.