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DUN DUN DUNN! Yeap, that's her! :D
YAYY! New update. :)
awww.. I loved it! :D
December 13th, 2011
awwww.. I didn't know this is completed! I totally missed out when everyone was spazzing over this. I shouldn't have stopped visiting smackjeeves. *sigh* Anyway, YAYY! They got together! :D I've waited long enough. :)
Uh oh. I think she's going to play both Alice AND the Queen of Hearts! :D
Uh oh. I don't know but I smell a love triangle coming. Is that guy, that looked like Chakin except without that tomato hair, a new character? He's gonna fall for Riona and fight with Jun for her, isn't he? NOOO!
WOW! is that Hotaru i see? haha. :D I can imagine how the "Dummy Chakin! Chakin's a Dummy!" was said. ahha.
Does that mean Jun and Riona is going to be in a group? YAYY! :D Anyway, Chakin's face was priceless. HAHA. I wonder whether Riona's voice would change in the future. Maybe she's having some sickness? Well, Airse, I would be glad if it turns out that she had a sickness in her throat and get it cured in the end. :)
awww. He got turned down. Man, Amy is soooo straightforward. haha. :)
SWIPER, NO SWIPING! ahaha. :) That never gets old. :D Jun stole Riona's pockyy! haha. JunXRiona
wow.. Ouchh man! Ouch! Well anyway, I don't know why I'm happy cause he's not 'in love' with her. *grins* I'm just a JunxRiona pairing. I'm a die-hard fan of pairings I set my eyes on. :)
Ley.has.returned! I wonder if she's going to join.

PS: been a long-time fan of White Noises and decided to comment. :D
ahahah! "Why does he look like clubs?!" hahaha. WOWWEE. This is hilarious. YOUR COMIC/MANGA IS HILARIOUS!
wow! CAKE?! haha. GOOD ONE!
ahhaha! That.. that 2nd panel was EPIC! hahaha!
hahaha! "707 upside down means 'LOL'." hahahah! She was supposed to be concentrating on her Math. :) hahah. That was hilarious!
"are you talking to the table again?" hahah! That was hilarious!
SHOOT! My heart almost jumped out! Seriously man, i even looked behind me. That really was creeepppyyyy. :) Nice one though. :D haha.