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Sir Bacon
Artist and writer of the now defunct sprite comic Mushroom Kingdom Zombie Apocalypse, as well as another comic coming soon that will be called Death Sticks.
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    Daniel Hines
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Heh, Intelligent Person's Guide. Nice touch.
Hey, that means I've been reading for over a year! Time flies when you're reading Ryak-Lo.
I'm really curious about who this girl is and what part she'll end up playing.
Happy anniversary!
Would you rather he said you were heavy?
I like the way you make your aliens look really unusual in subtle yet meaningful ways like green mouths.
It might feel like winter wherever you are, Vexx, but where I am the summer is way too hot this year.
Yay, new page!

Hmm, I bet I know who her little buddy is...
@super chao: I was going to debate that strategy, but considering the way that rifle ripped through that wall, her clothes aren't going to offer much protection anyways. Even though it has a pretty slim chance of working against a professional, from a purely tactical point of view it could be worth a shot. It might only gain her a half-second, but even a half-second is a big advantage in a situation like this.
Or you could surrender.
It's not official until the body decomposes or the author says so. And even then sometimes they come back!
In after they somehow bypass the hazards due to Melody's silliness.
Aw, of course we care about you, Vexx!

And I personally think the fire shading looks great. The fire itself might need a little work...
I don't want him to hug me.
@godmoderncommander: Well said, GMC, well said.
Glad to see you're back!
Funny enough, my first Charmander I named HOTHOTHOT. Over time I jokingly started pronouncing it "Hoth-oth-ot".
Would it be possible to make the image behind the comments have less contrast or have the comments contained in boxes that are either a solid color or semi-transparent? I'm finding the comments a little disorienting as it is right now.
Woah! He actually has a mouth! I totally thought he was a cyborg all this time.
I'm not sure Iron Man would appreciate you skating on him.